Controlling AI a/c in flight

Greetings, for some unexplained reason, I can no longer control any AI a/c in my flight.

I can bring up the commands by pressing Tab, but cannot issue any orders…

Any ideas greatfully received.

Regards Jonah:confused:

I have exactly the same issue, its only happened since i started to use HSFX ?

For me this problem come and goes. I have had it for a very long time. It seems to me, that it starts when I tab in and out of game.
I have some wingman commands on my stick and in a voice control progam and those get affected too :frowning:

I do not have any solution to the problem.

Make sure to program another key for Gear Up/Down on these mods Jonah

I’ve mapped the 8 key to Gear (8 as well as G)

Sometimes gear will not pull up using the G key under mods… aaggh, and again- no one knows why


Another solution for the gear are to use the manual key.
Origianly meant for the Wildcat and Rata.
They work quite well for other planes with battledamage to the hydralics or the gear itself :wink: