Computer - Human Interaction problem (problems seeing the bandt?)

I know a some of us are complaining about seeing the bandts. Some among us have bought better monitors but for those of us where money is currently an issue, there might be a cheaper solution :banana:

I just had my yearly control of my contacts today.
My eyes are rated -3.0.
Lately I have had trouble seeing far when I driving.
I thought it was due to a change in my eyes and I had a need for contacts/glasses with more strenght, but no :bootyshk:
The problem is simple;
I sit to much behind the monitor writing job-applications as well as gaming!
Which makes my eye muscles unable to relax and make it hard for the eyes to adjust…and also making it harder for me to spot the bandit.

Test Solution:

  • 2x Cheap reading glasses :smiley: (4,5 Euroes)
    (+1,0 and +1,5)

Best solution:
Get something made with the right solution and anti-reflex coating.

The bandits better have to watch out in the future

Great info Starfire!
Thanks for sharing and putting my mind at ease for the upcoming competition.
I need my wingman to spot the bandits sneaking up on my six.:rolleyes:

And you were laughing OD for using monocle heh!