Coincidence or Cure?

S~ Fellas.
Last night I flew my longest ever mission in the 102nd coop ded server which was around the 2hr 40 mark.
On Monday I only managed 40 mins before I got the dreaded “Standby:Transferring Mission” screen and that then sadly was that :frowning:
The difference being that on Monday I was using the dedicated HSFX4.1 mod but for last nights mission I used the HSFX switcher within the UP2.01 mod.
So…was it just “luck” I had last night by not getting the loading screen error or is 2.01 the way to go?
Any thoughts/answers greatfully appreciated.
Charlie ~S~

Most likely this won’t mean nothing but coincidence … However I had no more issues since when I took habit to launch the game in stand alone a couple of minuts before to get in the game server… I just do launch the game, and once it is loaded I turn it off, then launch HL to reach the game server… I had no problem anymore…just coincidence? :rolleyes:

Charlie, I use the dedicated HSFX 4.1 (not UP) I’ve had a couple of mission loading screen during the campaigns. I read that it had to do with the event log so last night as a precaution I deleted all the text in it before we started (didn’t get booted).

It probably didn’t do anything but I was alright until I got hit from behind and shot down.


Splash you need to turn off the event log I’ll dig out the details for you.

Splash m8 I had the eventloglist disabled in HSFX4.1 prior to the loading screen error on Monday,but still to no avail :frowning:
I checked the conf.ini in the HSFX switcher of UP2.01 on Thursday and the eventloglist was enabled…now do I disable or dont I?
I left it set as enabled and took the chance for 2 hrs + and I didnt get the loading screen error blast me into oblivion.
Im just trying to get to the bottom of a problem that is most annoying when it occurs(A bit like changing a broken fan belt on a Mini Cooper thats driven by a leggy lady) .
Modders eh? Who’d 'ave 'em! :smiley:
Rgds m8ty & good flying last night.
Charlie ~S~

I agree mate, but I don’t know I take my chances. I’ve not done anything about it until last night. Classic is in the know so I await his guidance. :slight_smile:

We got too complacent last night (long mission nothing to do), well me anyway. I saw an extra plane but thought it was Hans as he said he was still with us. Won’t do that again, didn’t keep looking behind me but at least I survived that was the main thing. My spit was knackered big style when I bailed out :frowning:


It sometime happen to me also with different copy on HD I don’t know why