CoD: reduced control throw

Anyone else getting this?

Multiplayer, 5 minutes after take off, the controls suddenly move only about 50% of normal throw.

Landed, and everything looks good again??

Hmmm, I did have a feeling my controls was unusually stiff while flying yesterday, both in the Spit and the Hurricane. I didn’t think too much about it as I was busy keeping the engines happy, but I did notice that they felt wrong.

I also flew as the gunner in a Ju-87 and had big problems controlling the gun. There seems to be two controls for the gun, one with just arrows that controls where the gun is positioned in the ring, and then a Shift-Arrows that allows fines adjustments, and no only side to side. But I had extreme problems cantrolling it, and fine control was impossible. When pressing arrow first nothing happened, then nothing happened, and then a lot happened at once. :rolleyes: Shift-Arrow was better, but still far from good. :rolleyes:

Not sure if it’s related, or just an extremely bad way to control the guns, but it made it almost impossible to do decent shooting as a rear gunner.