CoD for dummies

Hi guys

I have got my new ‘old’ PC up and running in the new office space at home and am looking forward to trying CoD for the first time.

What do I need in terms of patching or mods please?


The Team fusion patch from the ATAG server boys I think should be enough, just google it. I just did but can’t post the link as it’s blocked at work.

Be warned IL2 will always be jaded afterwards. :slight_smile: Just wish it had taken off and really really hope BoS feels and flies as well, but without the bugs!!

So if I understand this correctly the game is automatically updated through steam?

I have downloaded the patch below

‘Team Fusion v1 (3.00)’

Is that it?

No Classic, you should download and unzip also the mini patch which raises to 3.01 tha TF mod.
You can find it here:

Se you soon :smiley:

The main 1C portion is updated automagically yes, but once its stable you have the equivalent of a virgin install of IL2. You then need to download the TF mod + hotfix and install that.

One tip is to make sure you right click the game in Steam and disable the Steam Cloud Sync, it causes loads of issues as the game resists config change .

Check also this, I think it will help you a lot!