CoD flying- thanks for the heads-up Nepe!

Yes I agree it is now very very Zen-like and wonderful :slight_smile:

First time in a Spit1a, no TIR, no FSAA and the stick felt- strange

Second sight-seeing trip with TIR working (widescreen-wow) and I can feel the plane through the stick, amazing

Both landing I pranged her nosing-over but I didn’t care, I was smiling big, and we can fix her up (19 Squadron skin hardcoded) - but she flies like the bird with the sensitive controls now thanks mate!

Made me think of the early days in F4 taxi-ing out to the runway, so realistic… or that British jet sim (F2000 or summat, flying-track-music was spooky)

We could be back in business :slight_smile:


Glad you like it :slight_smile:

I enjoy just flying around Dover at sunset.

Still a long way to go, many bugs still present, but I have faith.

Yes takeoffs and landings, then touch-and-go’s, finally graduating to full-tank fireballs :slight_smile:

I’m probably on easy engine settings but the power drops for a bit after takeoff in the Spit1a. Picks up ok, minor panic

For stick settings, pointers here to a version of Microsoft’s ‘ForceEdit’ editor that never worked for us when we upgraded to 64 bit systems. This version (pointed at from the thread) may have been rebuilt for x64 machines, it opens fine in Win7 x64 anyway, excited- but not rushing into anything


Thanks mate, installed the latest but haven’t tried it yet, but hoped it would be all you two have said.

Moody sunsets are right up your street Peter, remember all those P39 coops you knocked up. Let me know if you fancy some online flying in CoD as I haven’t tried that yet and itching to. Online is where these sims come alive for me, talking and working through problems and just flying with your mates. :slight_smile:

It’s a toe in the Dover water skipper, starting training to get back to our usual WW2 EAF-meets operations. Plane-handling and so on, not to break anything kindly on loan to us from the King and the Brewery in 92’s case but that’s another story. Or- should we go for the usual ‘Look if you can get it off the ground and the guns work then let’s go’ approach :slight_smile: