COD 2 Help

Hi guys my wife would like to play online because she wasnt challanged enough offline evan when playing on hard:eek: . Is there any servers like Hyperlobby that support COD2 and any help with downloads would help because she is playing the boxed version. S!

The boxed version installs the single player and the multiplayer version - but patch it first, link in this thread

Then just fire up the multiplayer version, set your mp options, then use the in-game server browser. Stick to Punkbuster servers (just added in the patch). You’ll probably get an issue or two with PB, but the non-PB servers are just playgrounds for 12 year olds with wallhack and aimbot.

TBH, if she is looking for a challenge greater than CoD2 offline / hard, it’s not CoD2 online, which is strictly for laughs only. Red Orchestra is the real challenge.

You can download a prog calld Xfire to ad friends and see in what games there in and join in direkt to that game. Xfire suports lots of games …

I,m egfwasp if you whant to ad me…