CoD 19/9

A return to CoD this week.

As quite a few of the regulars are working this week, I’m suggesting a patrol on ATAG.

I should be online from 9pm.

I’m in.

Missing me Spit and CoD.

Once the new TF patch comes out with improved a/c spotting I’ll be a very happy camper.

Can’t wait either Brigs, they reckon its 2Gb in size :anpeace: It looks like a major overhaul of so many parts, better PC performance with dust, clouds and explosions, even the DeWilde ammo is being improved, a better Hurricane, LOD and more. I’m really imterested in the change in colour to the game to.

Sod the drivable vehicles just get the patch out!! - rant off

Lads, I also notice last Thursday that the Storm of war server, with 51 people in it, was flying a coop of sorts. I got into at the end to find half of Britain had been taken and mission had ended :frowning: Sounded good from all the chat I saw at the end - I need to find out more but could be a nice change from the usual.

I hope to be on 8 ish to catch the early EAF Cod flyers, Mikke, Pax and Bob - see you later.

9pm has to become 9:30pm online due to RL.

9:30 it is then