Hello All

TF’s Code Group are running a test of the current version of TF 4.53 Blitz to pinpoint areas where the netcode can be improved for TF 5.0. This will take place on an ATAG server.

We are requesting as many players who can attend as possible, the results will be important for TF 5.0 gameplay.

The server will be set up with large numbers of AI aircraft flights, etc. and everybody is invited to join.

Date and time is November 17th at 1800 GMT.

Players use their current TF 4.53 Blitz install. There is no requirement to patch any new data.

The test is designed to determine the point at which the total numbers of humans and AI become problematic in 4.53 and to identify what areas can be improved for TF 5.0. Note, most of the action should be around the Isle of Wight, with lot’s of flak.

There will be designated Teamspeak channels on the ATAG Teamspeak if needed.

Thanks for your support.