Cliffs of Dover SoW 5 test Sunday 20th 19 UTC

Storm of War will do their first SoW 5 test on this coming Sunday 29th at 1900 UTC.

The test is for performance checks, so the more connected the better.


There is no TS, thus we use their Discord server:

I presume we shall join as a group? Perhaps enough to form two flights, one each of Spitfires and Hurricanes like the old days?

I look forward to it!

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I don’t have trackir anympre and clod doesn’t support vr… :cry:

I think that apart for some 41 pilots, no one in 51 is ready for it since 2017 :joy::sweat_smile: btw is nice they want to bring it back, hope tf5 will come out soon now.

It seems the release will be in this year, by Jason Williams, BOX patron