CLASH OF WING - WWII DCS Server for beginners

Want to fly WWII DCS with a friend with just TF51 or just one ww2 Module and no ww2 maps assets packs? Try this server

Welcome to the Clash of Wings “Learning Skies” Discord and DCS WWII Mission!
Clash of Wings is for anyone interested in getting started in DCS WWII or in building their flying, BFM, and ground attack skills.
This meant to be a friendly place where no question is dumb.
Please note, that other than the airplanes themselves, this is not meant to be historical in any way.

Player stats can be found here:

Pilots currently logged in can be found here:

Clash of Wings runs on the OPEN BETA version of DCS
Server IP Address:
SRS Channel:
Required Modules: None, just the TF-51 :slight_smile:
LShift-F10 will toggle dot labels on and off

For next steps in WWII experience we recommend moving on to Philstyles’ Storm of War or LFDM

A good tutorial on setting up SRS
Tactical Pascale
DCS WORLD | How to download and use SRS

No adjustment of frequencies are necessary with the warbirds. They are pre-set.
Remeber that you have to be in a plane with the power on and the radio set to the right channel.
Allied airplanes - Channel A
German airplanes - Channels I and II

We strongly recommend downloading and using Tacview. The ability to go back and analyze a fight is invaluable.
This is a good tutorial on setting it up and using it. Note that once set up is complete, Tacview automatically downloads the data file every time you hop on Clash of Wings. You don’t need to open the app, just navigate to the file and double click to open it after you’ve exited DCS.
The pathway Tacview installed on my PC is as follows: C:\users\username\Documents\Tacview
Grim Reapers
Explained: Tacview Installation & Operating Tutorial | DCS WORLD