Cirso's DF aiming and shooting like a noob

Hi all,
I wolud like to share with you an acmi track recorded during my last flight on 4YA, I was alone as “Hook”.
I know that it’s not correct and you can send me to clean the toilets :raising_hand_man: but the point is that I think I managed energy and position pretty well but I was never able to be effective while shooting.

So this is a sad story that just ended in my death :joy:

Would you like to take a look at the acmi to tell me where I’m wrong? If you wish I also have the DCS replayable track.

This is the link to the Tacview acmi file

Cirso’s DF acmi File

Thank you gentlemen :smile:


Just to give some follow-up to this thread, we’ve had a very nice analysis session yesterday, together with @EAF51_Cirso, @EAF51_RomanPolansky and @Jimmi_EAF51 who was sharing his screen while playing the track on TacView.

Instructive and inspiring! Would be a nice habit to acquire, at least after the most “serious” sessions.

Thank you Cirso for sharing your “bad ones” (that’s very “aviation” spirit) and Jimmi for setting everything up for the session!



what about publishing (well… for the next time) the online assessment on EAF51’s youtube channel?

was about to record all with OBS studio… then… then I forgot… :roll_eyes: