Christmas present from team fusion


And I swear that is a cannon firing…and a mirror!!

Love the blast effects…it just gets better.

Some real nice additions there. My fav… the “teaser” sound of the Brownings (Bomb shockwave looks great too) :slight_smile:

Ooooooooh :eek:


Looks great and final. No more need to nitpick, add or change visual effects for a long time. The sim looks great as it is already.

Hopefully they have settled on graphical improvements for now. It has been too much of their priority for too long.

Only thing we need now is true focus on fixing important issues, such as more flyable aircraft. :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for my Beau!

And a Spit IIb would be nice to finally equalize the standing of Jerry.

They have seven new variants/aircraft on the way I’ve read, an F2 to so hopefully a Vb to counter it. The Beau is on the list, but it just take a lot of time to do the cockpits.

Wish I had the time to get good at 3d modelling and I’d help.

A Beau would be beautiful to get, as would a Spit V, with cannons…