Cheers Swoop/Ming

Most enjoyable flight/fight tonight, using boost readings and playing with prop pitch and mixture while scanning the sky (on full switch) was a great learning curve.
Finding bombers while watching for fighters and working an attack was a challenge, especially at Angels 14+ without burning the engine.
Once you get good hits the satisfaction is huge, and when a He111 goes BOOM in front of you…

Really enjoyed it and was superb watching that He111 go up after the chase, I was trying diving side attacks but without tracer its tough seeing if I hit anything. Went after the 109 who damaged your throttle, ended up sandwiched between two but eventually blew my oil rad as I wasn’t watching the temps. Managed to dive back and coax the bag of bolts to a dead stick landing at Hawkhinge.

Thanks Pete too, we had a vic going on for a bit, its getting better mate…fewer craters anyway. (lets miss out the wing over the railway embankment, looked great btw, slow motion :D)

Thursdays/Fridays you said wasn’t it Chris? I’m up for that if you fancy.

fewer craters

Yep that’s it we’re getting closer all the time to not looking like complete idiots :slight_smile:

Very enjoyable session, cheers Chris

playing with prop pitch

Aaagh it’s a steep learning curve

But doesn’t it feel like a real plane, with coughs and splutters - magic

I’m too low in the cockpit must fix that, and my throttle settings are compressed so I can’t fine-tune throttle yet, zero percent or 100 percent only- to be fixed (calibration sounds like)



I had a few problems with the throttle as well but after some tweaking in the settings its fine now:)

The problem I also had that on the x52 throttle I had the slider set to control prop pitch but with the Anthropomorphic (had to start the bloody game to spell this:roflmao:)controls on you cannot control two levers at the same time, so I set this to off.

Hope this is of some help



Human-shaped. That’s me almost :slight_smile:

Cheers Stevie, yes thanks that helps and explains something, will sort it at the weekend