Cheaper Unlock keys

~S~ All,

Found this site with most of the DCS Modules. You buy the activation key and then download it from the DCS website. I got the Gazelle for £15.


Cheers OD that really can be a bargain :slight_smile:
I supose this is leagal stuff, but do you get also the total amount of activitions who come with a module?

Off topic: By change do you the Albatros L-39 as well? I am lovin it. We could try out a duo flight one day?

You do, and you can buy a protection against the key being duplicated - 72p. It’s all legal :slight_smile:

I do have the L-39, would love to try it out with two in, it’s great to fly bt I’ve only had a couple of flights it!

Bugger the Gazelle is £23.18 now, still cheaper though.

Hi Guys,

Right now DCS isn’t my particular “cup of char”, but G2A is another site worth checking (the Gazelle is available for approx £19 when you factor in the 20% tax and the 72p G2A shield -scroll down their page a bit to see the cheaper sellers)

I’ve used them quite a bit (often without the G2A shield) and they accept Paypal, so you don’t need to create an account, just add to basket, provide an email address for the key, agree to their terms and conditions and buy and fly!


Cheers Baz, btw what are you into now?

Fancy ago in the new version of SOW in Cliffs of Dover which is coming along soonish…Hurricanes :slight_smile:

Hi Swoop,

(Without wishing to hijack the thread) I’m not into any flight sims’ at the moment but I’ll keep an eye on the SOW forum and monitor progress. :slight_smile:


Yo Bazza!

You coming to flying legends in July? I’m going. Would be fun if you could join us.
Definite hi-Jack of this thread!:o

Bazzzzzzzzzzz has returned from his long zzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzz!

Good to hear from you Baz! I will need you soon for more of our ovely movie projects, if not for recreational flying. :smiley: