Changes in OTU

Unfortunately Swoop have decided to step down from the position as C.O. of OTU (for good private reasons).

Fortunately Meako is stepping up from X/O position to take over as C.O., ans Sporran have agreed to be X/O! :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear your stepping down Swoop, but RL takes precedence. Congrats to Meako and Sporran for keeping the ball rolling. :slight_smile:

Another fledgling due in April :slight_smile: No more sleep again :o

Congrats to Meako and Sporran and looking forward to the new flying challenges CoDover will bring us all. All back to OTU for a refresh and a piss up. Its all on Meako’s tab :wink:

Congrats Meako & Sporran. OTU is in good hands.

Where do I sign for training?

a red beer for me guys

Thanks for all your work, Swoop.

Two fine men taking the reins and by gad we’ll be needing that to figure out Cliffs of Dover and Gimbals.

Congrats all!!!:w00t:

Firstly, Thank you Swoop for taking the reigns over from Nepe ( i for one would have been shaken at that idea )

I believe everyone at EAF is indebted to you for your time leading OTU and can i say personaly, congratulations to you and the missus upon your forthcoming addition.

And splendid for volunteering Meako for duty at the bar.

Nepe, after all you have done for EAF and OTU in particular, rest assured knowing any training requirements you personally have ,we would be more than happy to accommodate.

However, if you happen to see a thread entitled “Volunteers wanted”, rest assured that adding your name to any lists in that will in no way damage your preferential treatment :roflmao:

Joe90, I hope you realise this is ALL your fault, and ultimately, speaking personally, your responsibility and thus I look forward to your guidance as always.

Wildcat, thanks m8, just seems yesterday you were taking me up for my training, something i remember fondly. I dont know about this red beer thing though, might need to experiment with that.

Chip, thanks m8.

Last but by no means least, Mikke, I look forward to your steadying hand to control some of my excesses, you’ve been at the wheel long enough to know what works and what doesnt, I look forward to debating idea’s with both yourself and all EAF pilots.


Pity to hear you have to step down Swoop, but real life comes first as always.

Congrats Meako and Sporran for taking the lead!:slight_smile:

Congats Meako and Sporran, hope to see you in the skies of Kent soon.