Changes and promotion in 331

A while ago Starfire asked to be relieved from duty as X/O of 331 Squadron so he could focus fully on OTU. Thank you Starfire for long and excellent service, I know that OTU is in safe hands.

Stuntman one step forward.

You are hereby assigned the role as X/O of 331 together with the new rank of FLt/Lt. You have shown great skill and dedication for a long time now and deserves this promotion. I am confident you will do as good a job as your predecessor. Congratulations and well done!

The greatest GRATTIS! to my fantastic partner of so many EAF ground attack missions…

…Stuntman, how many times did we die together??? :roflmao:


Well deserved, Stuntman :smiley:

The OTU is lucky to have Starfire!!:smiley:

Congrats Stuntman! Well deserved, and the right man in the right place…:cool:

Congratulations Stuntman.
I cannot think of a better choice.

Tillykke :ani_beer:

Amazing news, Boys!!!

My compliments for everyone, two of the Best pilots never i’ve seen!!!:ani_beer::ani_beer::ani_beer:

:banana::banana::banana::banana:Well done Stunt’ and well deserved, I’m sure.:banana::banana::banana::banana:


Bravo Stuntman!
It will be hard to keep up the excellent work Starfire did but i think you’re the right man!

Grattis Stuntman!
Who would have thought that 7 years ago? :tongue2:

Well deserved Stuntman:ani_beer::ani_beer:


Well done fellas!

Very happy for this promotion!
Highly deserved!

Congrats Stuntman!

And good luck keeping us Scandinavians somewhat under control;)

Grattis Stuntman well done sir! :slight_smile:

Tjo hoo! Fan vad bra, Stuntman!!!

Yeah! Very good, Stuntman!!!

I must say this was a perfect choice. A well deserved promotion buddy.
Looking forward to flying with my new commander when I come back from leave.



Thank you chaps…I’m flattered of all your kind words, I never expected such a warm response from all of you!

The future of 331 will be very interesting and I’m greatly looking forward to take part of it.

Thank you all for your trust in me.

Now I remember Charlie and Red hitting the pub yesterday night, tabs on me of course. Please don’t make me penniless before I even stepped inside the Officer’s office! :wink:

I got the message Apollo, thank you, lol. :smiley:

Now the first thing I will do sa XO off 331 will be to advice adding Beau X’s to the arsenal of the Spit IX’s - as so properly illustrated by Baz in my sig. :wink:

Now I will not forget to wish Nick best of luck and I am absolutely certain OTU is now in very safe and strong hands. The program could not be run by anyone more suited to this role. All future trainees, both new and old vets will have lots to learn from him. And now that he can fully focus on his role, I fully support his transition. Thanks for your great effort both before in OTU and 331 - and now for the future, Starfire!