CH Combat stick 568

Anyone have this stick? I’ve had mine for about 7 years now and it’s been great.

But now I have noticed some very small twitching in pitch and roll. When the stick is held in any position, I notice the aircraft is twitching and can even see movement from the stick inside the cockpit. Very annoying when trying to line up on a target, be it ground unit or aircraft.

I think I may need to look at my potentiometers inside the stick.

Just wanted to know if any of you guys have done this and can tell me how to go about it.

Thankful for any help.


I’m about to open the stick and have a peek around. PNR is rapidly approaching.

Sorry, no experience with CH sticks, but from changing on TM sticks it shouldn’t be too hard.

Hi Apollo.

Found a site where you might find the answer. Tried to do a search about changing pots there but one needed to be registered.

Well, I fianally took it apart and swapped 2 pots and cleaned the other. It works better now. The cleaned pot works the best, so I will have to open it up agan and clean the rest.
I should probably place an order for 3 extra pots as well.