Catalyst 5.6

Toys out of pram :slight_smile:

I remember the time EAF was freindly enough to at least acknowledge a heads up, but there you go.

Watch it you could have someones eye out chucking those around :slight_smile:

Sorry G I have a Geforce card so with a Catalyst title never even bothered to look at post.

Now if you had said new uber Nvidia drivers… :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe… No problem Scotty… I see somone has posted about the new Catalyst 5.6 drivers being released… :roflmao: :w00t:

I’m still trying to come to terms with the image of Growler as a baby in a pram. I’m sorry mate, it isn’t working. :gnammy:

Well I had too, you had removed all info in a fit of rattle throwing :stuck_out_tongue: :roflmao:

That’s the way it is… It’s just like that… It’s the way it is!! :banana: :banana: Run DMC music played here! :smiley:

/ adds Aerosmith guitar rift …

There ye go Scotty… ;+) See what I mean neebur?
End of story… :wink: