Cappe on leave on official night (for a bit)

Guys, unfortunately i can not assure my presence and timing on organizing official nights on monday and thursday evenings up until the 16th of June, starting from this evening, 22nd of May.

We are arriving at the end of the school period and we are really busy with many concerts and jigs to prepare with the student.

The point is that everybody at the school is ready to rehearse only on monday and thursday evenings :sweat_smile::person_facepalming:t2:

I’ll try my best to be in as many times as possible during official nights and during the week.


(I’ll give you my official substitute asap).

That doesn’t i will not read the forum or fly, simply i don’t know when i’ll be available in the official evenings. For example maybe this evening i’ll not make it in time.

Roger that Cappe.

I just have to ask, do you play irish or english jigs, or does italian jigs exist as well? :wink:

Ahahahahaha maybe it was just Gigs, my bad, i was in a hurry as usual

:grin: I suspected you meant gigs, but jigs are music too, so… :smile: