Can you help the Axis tonight

Hi 51.
I would like some help in the 331 SEOW.
Do you think that you could fill 2-3 Axis Sqd?
The planner have some mission that probably wont succed it the AI have to do it. This will also be to test the connection for further participation.

The mission start at 2200 CET.
Using HSFX 4.1 with 6DOF.

Hi Starfire. Im afraid that its impossible for me to fly a coop until I have my graphic card back.

I hope that 51 will appear in numbers tonight and help, I mean, shoot you down.

As you might allredy know, I am also out of action. nVidia8800GTS died saturday. I will be getting a replacement. I will be hosting from a gameserver but It does not have graphics power to run a game myself.

For me it’s ok! I think we can make it. :wink: