Can someone Diagnose?

Hey fellas, I have a peculiar problem that seems to be getting progressively worse when I play most games,( not IL2 yet) they shut down or lock up for no reason. I did a Dxdiag and checked my Direct X and everything seems to be fine but this morning I noticed that when I type as I am doing now that my computer is beeping every time I hit a key? The busy light is staying green so I’m not sure what is causing this? I ran AVG and I have no virus’s? I still have plenty room on my HD?
Can anyone help?

Is it only the games that freezes, or is it the whole computer that does?

If the later my standard answer would be overheating, if the first, I’m not as sure. Then again, getting a beep for every key you press sounds like something completely different. Sorry, no good suggestions. :frowning:

Strange indeed …
Did you try another keyboard?
Did you try to login as a different user?
Found this with google:

Post up a list of running processes Osprey, found by right clicking the task bar and selecting “Task Manager” and the process tab.

A screenshot showing all running processes should do for now.


Right click you “My Computer” object, select “Manage” and have a look at the “Event Manager”

Anything particular showing up in an error state ?

The HDD busy indicator is strange, running Vista ?

Also, start>run>services.msc

have a look at what services are running, in particular the “indexing service”.

As a general diagnostic tool, it pays to have a linux live cd, such as Ubuntu kicking about, if you boot the live linux cd, and the machine works right, its a windows problem, if it happens in linux as well as windows, its a hardware issue.


Is it only the games that freezes, or is it the whole computer that does?
Only the game Mikke.

Did you try another keyboard?
Did you try to login as a different user?

No and No…

Hope this helps…

Wow 48 processes running, for gaming I cut mine down to about 19

lets have a look at them…

cisvc.exe ( a helper app for the indexing service to stop it grabbing all system resources )

if you don’t need the indexing service, don’t run it. Will get to how later

QTTask.exe ( helper application for quick time, not needed )


All part of AVG, not particularly needed when running a game but habits being what they are, probably best left alone.

hpwuSchd2.exe HP printer software update software, not needed, instead go to and update your printer driver when you feel you need to.

realsched.exe real networks media player update agent, unneeded

eBayTBDaemon.exe not needed for playing games, seen a machine recently that was slowing beyond all expectation due to problems with this particular one, sure run it when your ebaying, but for gaming, loose it. I have seen another machine recently which was having real problems due to this process and slow verification servers on ebay.

PnkBstrA.exe punkbuster app, unneeded if your not playing a game that requires punkbuster for on-line play.

HPqste08.exe HP all in one printer/scanner software, probably best left alone.

TeaTimer.exe memory resident helper for Spybot, if your not running a scan or actively browsing the web, dump it. Not required for gaming.

Cinetray.exe Sonic cine player, unneeded for gaming, probably uneeded at any time.

msmsgs.exe windows messenger, unneeded unless you actualy use MSN.

How to remove helpers from startup

Microsoft provide an application called “msconfig.exe” access it via START>Run>msconfig.exe

I would suggest removing unnecessary helpers one at a time, rebooting, checking system function before removing other ones. Time consuming :frowning:

whilst in there have a look at the services tab, disable the indexing service. Unless you actualy need a full indexed search on your machine ( and are not prepared to wait for windows search )

Its always worth taking a note of any changes you make, if you change anything adversely, you will still have access to msconfig via safe mode to re-enable whatever is needed.

In the event manager, have a look in the sections entitled “Application” and “System” and look in particular for entry’s with red icons, these indicate something going wrong.


Hope this helps Osprey


It’s Hell in Boston :slight_smile: