can any1 help me looking for an La5 fn skin

Hi could some 1 pls help me i have been trying to make a skin for the La5 fn for some time now but it just seems to be a bit to much for me what im looking for is it to look like its going so fast its burning up and sheet metal is peeling off with my name down the side Zulu_EAF19 if any1 could make 1 up like that for me pls let me no and we can talk more bout it thx all :slight_smile:

OK, it’s not an La-5

Is this the kind of thing you want fir your flames?

Or do you mean the skin is peeling?

Ah the Air Racing skin;):smiley:

Check the contributors in the air racing home page Dan :wink:

yer sort of it m8 but i still want a camo skin falling off just something where they will no its me going to kill them lol