Campaign preparation

Hi all,

If we’re going to go for this campaign please can we do some prep by flying some missions. I’d realy like to be flying ground attack, I’m not fussed about dogfighting, it’s got a bit boring. I’d like to be going out ofr dive bombing missions in the Mc 202 or, possibly, a Ju87. However, I’d like to know more about the aircraft and fly it with others. So can we dedicate an evening to BoS, one a week? The other to CLoD or DCS seeing as it looks as though the SoW guys are looking to DCS as their next target.


I’ll be up for ground pounding…although it will be for the red team lol { hate flying as blue }

I’ll fly whatever it is we’re going to fly, I just want to do some ground attack! :roflmao:

If I’m able to join then I’ll fly blue, hehe.
Nah, I will gladly take an IL2 or Peshka as well, since they are such cool planes. I remember flying SEOW back in the days with the wheel attack…Really cool!

Ground attack for me, it’s my blood. Are we flying Blue only? Not so fussed about that. I can’t do without my Ilyusha.

Be nice to do some ground pounding for a change…flying low level in a IL2 with rockets and bombs:banana::banana:


Sounds like we’re going Red :slight_smile:

Embarassing :wink: