Call of duty!

Where are you? maybe I will join you again soon as possible.
I would like to see you in the virtual sky so warm your engine

they are using mainly discord!
ther’s the link in the forum menu!

join it and greets them!

Yes, (unfortunately) almost exclusively Discord nowdays.
Do you fly DCS Wildcat? What planes?

Nice to hear someone, later I will join on Discord
I’m waiting for better Internet connection and new PC.
I would like to start with F-16 and P-47

F-16 is the plane I have flown the most since it’s release. It’s not the most finished module in DCS, but despite that quite good. As I have been without a flying PC the last couple of weeks I haven’t had a chance to try the latest updates for it, and not the P-47 either.
I really like flying the Spitfire as well, but if pitted against (well flown) 109K or 190D it’s having a hard time, that -43 vs late -44 does make a difference. Again, due to my PC downtime I haven’t had a chance to try out the new damage model, but I suspect that might make quite a big difference.

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I hope you can train me on F-16 asap I’m reading the manuals and I’m trying to imagine the sequence in my mind.

I can fly it and turn it off (correctly, I don’t know), but I haven’t bothered to learn how to start it up yet. There’s only two planes I know how to start (without cheating) in DCS, Viggen and Spitfire. :stuck_out_tongue: