Call of duty - just another day at the front

Well here we are, enjoying some sunny day near front, drinking coffee and minding our own business…

And then sirens went off, Jojko leads flight of two on a patrol, I get to be his wingman:

Finally magic moment was getting dirty and finished down on the deck with Central pilots having somewhat higher tan color then they wished for :slight_smile:

Ah well, back to coffee and sunshine until sirens go off again…

I forget how good rof looks. With or without coffee.

Well, I don’t want to be pushing you, but ROF is one polished game that just got better with latest patch.

I don’t see any decent reason not to have if at least as occasional backup fun for anyone that already owns it. It is really is great areal combat sim with very little bugs (if we don’t count quite bad AI as a bug, but we don’t fight AI online for most part anyhow :)).