Call of Duty 4

Just bought Call of Duty 4, and I don’t think it can get any better than this. Visual its stunning the story line is great and what is better than killing Terrorist nice change of pace from killin Nazis:) How can you beat dust & litter blowing around as you Fastrope into action you go to clear out a house and engage a bad guy with a shot through the wall as you enter the room he is on the ground crawling away firing off shots in his pistol in a last ditch attempt to neutralize you:) Now thats realism!!

Just seen it in the shops (just released by the looks of it). So could very well have it soon.

have a review of Medal of Honor: Airbourne Assault

it’s simply call of duty: an amazing level building,excellent graphics but i noticed the philosofy of the game and the gameplay are always the same: is cod 2 with a new look imho,very poor freedom of movement in the level,and very very arcade ,but these are only my first impressions.But the game seems fun :)and this is the importanth thing.:smiley: