Call of Duty 2: first impressions

Got to be the most fun you can have without leaving the ground. It’s about 80% infantry combat sim and 20% arcade shooter, absolutely superb.

I cranked all the settings up to max, after about an hour I got a system freeze - but after a reboot, I ran it for several hours without a single problem.

It is one big heap of noisy mayhem - and I do mean noisy! Constant gunfire, explosions, and dialogue such as “Fascista! This is for Katerina”! from your Russian Lieutenant as he rips into a lorry load of German troops with a captured MG42.

I can’t wait to see how it runs in multiplayer - if there is an EGF squad forming up, I’m in :w00t:

Have to agree is great fun and the sounds are amazing.

I lookforward to online mayhem with this.

Sign me up PeeGee it’s an outstanding game agree 100% I had a very late night in single player, hugely impressed. Always Russia everything kicks off with though :slight_smile:


Had to try the demo earlier today, and it is fun for sure, might have to get it even though it’s still unrealistic…

No, it’s not realistic. It’s WW2 as played by John Wayne. But the AI is quite good, and the attention to detail in the graphics and sound makes it very immersive. The look and feel of the weapons as you fire is great, and when a couple of Germans cornered me in a basement in Stalingrad and started laying into me with the butts of their MP40s the “aaagh I wanna get outta here” factor was pretty high.

Come on, Mikke Sir, you know you want to… :smiley:

once i managed to get to play it its great fun

they have a massive issue with AMD dual core processors (how the hell this got past the test team I have no idea) and you have to set the process using task manager to use one CPU or the other, not both… otherwise the events don’t fire in the training mission and you are stuck throwing potatoes at doors and bathtubs for hours


how do games get released like this by publishers the likes of activision??


it seems to transpire that they didn’t test the game on any AMD dual core systems… ffs

Hi Guys
Try out the =db=CHAOTIC! server. Its run by my friends in the DB clan and they run it with a realism mod, this allows the ability to heal team mates , { although they added those bloody health packs and health bar lol} and cookable nades , five secs when you first press the nade button to get rid of it, they changed the damage model to a more realistic setting etc. Make sure auto download is enabled to get the mod. They run TDM at the moment and have tactical nights with HQ and also S&D. Its a US server but I have pings of 110ms to it. Pop by and have fun , they condone bunny hopping and pancaking too { and hackers are banned from the server }, its on Hope to cya online chaps :slight_smile:

Hi Puff thanks for the invite mate!

Bunny-hopping hmmm lucky we’ve got automatic weapons. And preferably a flamethrower for the [expletive deleted] bunnies :slight_smile:


Surely you mean they condemn bunnyhopping Puff!!! :eek:

hehe…ok so I meant condem lol