'Bringing Her In' completed

LO-B R6780 was flown 27 times between Oct 9th 1940 and Nov. 18th 1940 by Pilot officer Nigel Rose of 602 Sqn. This shows the final checks before popping her onto the airfield at Westhampnett.

Thanks for all the input and help with this drawing folks :slight_smile:

Tops mate.

Very nice.

Braw min, just braw!

Great! Thanks for sharing :smiley:

Really really nice Puff! I also like the reflection of velocity that you mirror in the landscape with those pencil strokes.

How do you fix the drawing btw… with hairspray? I think i 1nce heard that that would be an option…

Thanks folks, Hiawatha…yes I use hairspray lol

Wonderful to se your beautiful art !!! Puff

Nice Nice Nice Nice!:w00t:

At last you got the final numbers in and all are finished, you must be damn proud of that drawing, hell its better then those very professional drawers…hell I should instead say that YOU are a professional drawer!:banana:

Keep up the extreme superb work, m8! If it had cost blood, sweat and tears, it would be nevertheless, REALLY be worth it!!!:smiley:

Very nice, but ehh… what hapenned with Nigel and LO-B during or after their 27th mission:confused:?