Boy racers (in a 747!)

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Airliner Race

ROFLMAO :smiley:
Maybe they had beach towels on the sunbeds and where rushing to claim them before the Brits woke up? :eek:
FUNNY VIDEO Joe :wink:

Techy :cool:

i have question i would like to approach to develop movies with il2…so as I now you doing from long time could you give some advise as wich software is good to use and if there is any forum or website with info and tips?

:roflmao: I love that video and so does my son.

OMG! What if they start gathering at the local Tesco car park on Sunday evenings! With their alloy wheels and neon blue underside lights. :eek:


Answer= 5 mosquitos and a full pay load, Sorts out any problem. :roflmao:

This video is real fun! Thank You for posting it ! :slight_smile:

Hey, good luck Seyou! It’s a fun hobby that can have many rewarding results (if you don’t include late nights on caffeine and never seeing your family for days on end!)

Best forum at the moment is over at UBI. There is a very supportive community there of old hands and new moviemakers alike:

Software to get started is free: Windows Movie Maker, FRAPs and VirtualDub. Learn how to use these from Dart’s basic Tutorial:

When you get more serious, you will need better video editing software like Sony Vegas, or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Good luck, and give me a shout if you need any help.

…thx a lot Joe…first i will find a good lawyer, after ill start this new innocent hobby!:cool: