BoX Update: Update at the end of sep/ Start of Oct


Hello everybody,

Today we’ll tell you a bit about what awaits us (and you) in the near future.

First, we plan to publish the new update soon, at the end of this month or at the beginning of October, that will bring numerous fixes and improvements for the existing stuff - Career fixes, multiplayer stability in tank missions, corrected German bombs for 1944 timeframe and new Fw 190 A-8 modifications we have covered in the previous Dev Blog. In addition, our programmers managed to improve the collision detection between various vehicles and objects without compromising performance and fix bugs, also, trees will stop or divert/slow projectiles. The graphics will get the attention as well - you can see some of the reworked graphical effects on the following screenshots:

More on their website

About 2 months till Jug arrives :frowning: , i was looking forward to see it sooner!

They are working on 4 titles now! BOX, Boden, FC & TC

Given all the things they have on their plate, I would be surprised if anything new appears before later-part / end of October.

They have two new studios working on Tank Crew and Flying Circus but still i guess 1C/777 helping them to learn the engine makes all 3 titles a bit delayed.