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Spring into Action with Discounts on Collector Planes and Battle of Kuban! Catch up on all things Sturmovik!

Dear Pilots,

The weather is warming up and the flowers are blooming, so it’s time to Spring into Action with our latest sale on Sturmovik products! Why be outside with all the pollen aggravating your allergies when you can be safely inside playing Sturmovik? To help you fill up your virtual hangar we have the following content on sale in both the Official Store and on Steam for a limited time.

Official Store : April 12th to May 3rd

50% OFF P-40E-1 , MC202 , Fw-190 A-3 , La-5 Series 8 , Ju 52/3m , La-5FN (Series 2) , Yak-1b Series 127, Bf 109 G-6 , Hs 129 B-2 and Spitfire Mk.VB Collector Planes ( website )

25% OFF Polikarpov U-2VS - For the first time ever!

33% OFF Battle of Kuban

Steam Store : April 12th - April 26th

50% OFF P-40E-1 , MC202 , Fw-190 A-3 , La-5 , Ju 52/3m , La-5FN , Yak-1b , Bf 109 G-6 , Hs 129 B-2 and Spitfire Mk.VB Collector Planes

25% OFF Polikarpov U-2VS - For the first time ever!

Due to special sale restrictions on Steam, the discount for Battle of Kuban is only available in the official store this time around.

If you own Battle of Stalingrad on Steam and would like to buy additional content from the Official Store , you can link both accounts and have access to all content when you play. See linkage guide HERE .

New Content Added to Bodenplatte, Flying Circus and Tank Crew! More on the way!

We recently released updates 3.012 and 3.012b which added even more legendary equipment to the sim. Version 3.012 saw the addition of the Fw-190 D-9 “Dora” , Fokker D.VII and D.VIIF and Sopwith Dolphin . The update also included the venerable M4A2 Sherman and PzKpfw.III Ausf.M tanks. All of these awesome planes and armored tanks are flyable and drivable in combat! On top of all that, we also released the new and interesting Prokhorovka map for Tank Crew owners which includes specially detailed mesh and destructible villages you can crush with your tank or be blasted by tank rounds and bombs.

And don’t forget to stay on top of all Sturmovik developments by reading our latest Developer Diaries . We have many new planes coming in the not-too-distant future like the Me-262 for Bodenplatte and the classic Albatros D.Va and British built S.E.5.a for Flying Circus . And we have more tanks on the assembly line in the form of the PzKpfw IV Ausf.G and T-34/76 mod.1943 . Future updates will also include new special effects for tanks, gameplay features like the Marshal Mode for multiplayer and other great content and improvements. Sturmovik development never stops!

See you in the skies!

Best Wishes,
The IL-2 Sturmovik Team


Hot Weather, Hot Deals Sale is on! Me 262, S.E.5a and Albatros are Coming Soon

Dear Pilots,

The weather is heating up and so is Sturmovik! The Me-262 , S.E.5a and Albatros D.Va will be added to Battle of Bodenplatte and Flying Circus in 2-3 weeks’ time and two new tanks are also making great progress for Tank Crew – the PzKpfw IV Ausf.G and T-34 Mod. 43 are coming along nicely. Look for more info on these in our upcoming Developer Diaries . And of course, the P-51 , Tempest Mk. V , P-38 and B-25 (A.I.) are also heavily being worked on as we speak and getting closer and closer each week. Look for those a little lat er this Summer! The Arras map for Flying Circus is also being worked on by our partner Yugra Media and the Bodenplatte map is also being worked on by our in-house team so do not worry, they are coming!


Hot Weather, Hot Deals Sale is on!

As we prepare this new content for you, we also want to remind you that we have a lot of awesome content to offer virtual pilots already in our store and on Steam. To help you complete your collection we have launched our Hot Weather, Hot Deals Sale! For the next two weeks plus you can find the following deals in the Official Webstore and on Steam. The discounts on the website run from May 15th - May 31st and on Steam from May 15th - May 29th .

Battle of Stalingrad - 66% Off ( Website and Steam )

Battle of Moscow - 66% Off ( Website and Steam )

Battle of Kuban33% Off ( Website and Steam )

Blazing Steppe Scripted Campaign50% Off ( Website and Steam )

Fortress on the Volga Scripted Campaign50% Off ( Website and Steam )

Ten days of August Scripted Campaign50% Off ( Website Only)

Havoc Over the Kuban Scripted Campaign50% Off ( Website Only)

Cliffs of Dover BLITZ50% Off ( Website Only)

If you own Battle of Stalingrad on Steam and would like to buy additional content from the Official Store , you can link both accounts and have access to all content when you play. See linkage guide HERE .

Flight-Sim Expo 2019

If you are going to be attending the FSExpo 2019 in Orlando, FL June 7-9th stop by the 1CGS booth (#515) and experience IL-2 on the Edge 6D motion-sim from Gforcefactory ( ). Come join Executive Producer Jason Williams as he demonstrates Sturmovik to flight-sim fans from around the world. Last year’s show in Las Vegas was a lot of fun with many IL-2 fans dropping by and this year’s show in Orlando is shaping up to be even bigger and better!

For more information please visit the FSExpo website:

Developer Diaries

And don’t forget to check our latest Developer Diaries for interesting info about our progress and cool new screens of work in progress items.

See you in the skies!

Best Wishes,
The IL-2 Sturmovik Team

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Summer Sale, Me 262, T-34 mod. 1943, Albatros D.Va, S.E.5a and more

The summer is in full swing at our offices in Moscow and Las Vegas and we are working feverously to complete Battle of Bodenplatte, Flying Circus and Tank Crew for you. And as usual, we have launched an aggressive Summer Sale! We’ve also recently released update 3.101 that includes the awesome Me-262 , Albatros D.Va , S.E.5a and T-34 Mod. 1943 tank and a lot of other improvements and fixes. IL-2 just gets better and better with each update!

Enjoy the Summer Sale!

The Discounts are as follows:

50% OFF Battle of Kuban - for the first time ever! ( Steam , website )

50% OFF Polikarpov U-2VS - for the first time ever! ( Steam , website )

66% OFF Battle of Stalingrad ( Steam , website ). Please note that having at least the base game (Stalingrad) on Steam means you can launch it from the Steam client without entering a login and password and you can access your IL-2 content purchased elsewhere if you link the accounts.

66% OFF Battle of Moscow ( Steam , website )

50% OFF All Collector Planes ( website , Steam : Bf 109 G-6 , Hs 129 B-2 , La-5FN (Series 2) , Spitfire Mk.VB , Ju 52/3m, Yak-1b, Fw-190 A-3 , La-5 , P-40E-1 , MC202 )

50% OFF 10 Days of Autumn , Blazing Steppe, Fortress on the Volga and Havoc over Kuban campaigns ( website, only Blazing Steppe and Fortress on the Volga are available on Steam)

66% OFF Cliffs of Dover Blitz ( Steam , website )

66% OFF all Rise of Flight content ( Steam , website )

As usual, if you purchase a plane you already have you can send it as a Gift to a friend or squadron mate.

Legendary Me 262 Jet Fighter/Bomber

This famous plane was included in the latest update 3.101 and is already available to Bodenplatte owners.

The list of its peculiarities includes the dangerous effect of Mach tuck at higher speeds that at first decreases its yaw stability. This yaw stability decrease not only makes the aircraft harder to handle but also warns the pilot of the increasing danger of an uncontrollable dive. While the plane is capable of reaching up to 837 kph near the ground it has good controllability at low speeds thanks to wing slats. It should be noted that the longitudinal center-of-gravity depends on the remaining fuel, ammo and modifications installed very heavily. For instance, if you remove the nose gun armor and two guns, it becomes so tail heavy with full tanks that it is dangerous to fly. Positive characteristics include good roll controls at any flight speed. All in all, the plane is surely controversial, unusual and very interesting to fly. You can customize your 262 by selecting any of its modifications:

  • EZ 42 gyro gunsight with automatic deflection calculation,
  • R4M unguided air-to-air rockets, 12 per mounting,
  • armored pilot headrest,
  • pilot back armor,
  • removal of the gun mounting armor for making the aircraft less nose-heavy,
  • removal of two Mk 108 guns,
  • fuel regulating valve that limited an excessive fuel pressure and almost completely removed the danger of engine fire from careless throttle inputs (installed on Jumo-004 B1 engines during routine maintenance since the end of 1944),
  • bomber variant capable of carrying two SC 250 or one SC 500 bombs.

Update 3.101 Released

In addition to Me 262, the latest update 3.101 includes a lot of more content, for instance, Т-34-76 made by UVZ factory in early 1943 for Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka and airplanes S.E.5a and Albatros D.Va for Flying Circus - Volume I . You can read the entire list of additions and improvements HERE .

FS Expo 2019

Orlando, FL was host to FS Expo 2019 and Jason was there showcasing IL-2 to virtual pilots all weekend long. Once again, we crashed the civ-sim party and while the civilian sim-flyers were doing touch and goes in there Cessna, we were blasting bombers in the Me-262! The FS Expo continues to grow in size and popularity and several Il-2 community members stopped by the booth and whenever possible helped Jason set up, pack up and operate the booth - this was greatly appreciated by Jason and 1C Game Studios. We truly have the best community in all of flight-simming! For more information about FS Expo and next year’s event please visit .

As promised Il-2 was showcased on an Edge 6D motion platform by Gforcefactory. We also had two other cockpits running Il-2 in glorious 4K resolution. We would like to thank Gforcefactory ( ) for supplying the motion platform. In addition, we would like to thank Virpil Controllers ( ) for providing their joysticks and throttles and Monstertech ( ) for providing their awesome mounts for some of the hardware. We could not have pulled off the show without them! Please show them your support by considering their awesome products for purchase. See you again next year in Las Vegas, NV for FS Expo 2020 .

IL-2 on EDGE 6D motion platform

Me 262 Premiere

See you in the sky!

Best Wishes,
The IL-2 Sturmovik Team


Dear friends,

The Summer is in full swing and we’re working on finishing the Bodenplatte project. P-51D, P-38J, B-25 and Tempest 3D models are nearing completion, their textures are being made right now. Today we can show you the cockpit of Hawker Tempest Mk.V:



As we announced before, all Bodenplatte planes will have 4K external textures. Here are Bf 109 G-14 shots that show the texturing made by Martin =ICDP= Catney:



In addition to the models, we’re working on the important features like more detailed pilot’s physiology effects. Fatigue caused by a high G stress, (in)ability to bail out and other such things. After that, we’ll get to repairing, refueling and refitting the aircraft on the ground.

At the moment we’re moving to a newer FMOD version and our sound designer converts all the sounds to the newer sound engine. The main result of this work should be a fix of the disappearing sounds issue after playing for a while that was caused by having too many of them. We also started the research on making the aircraft and ships visible from several times farther distances. This task is very complex since it involves many various parts of the project - we can’t make it at the cost of a significant performance loss in the graphics and network subsystems.

The work on the Bodenplatte map is nearing completion and we’ll be able to show you the screenshots showing the result of this tremendous work soon. This also means we started the work on the Career mode for it that will be called Battle of Rheinland. Starting on September 17th, 1944 and ending on April 1st, 1945, it will include several new mission types characteristic for this timeframe on the Western front. All the required information - squadron histories and emblems, pilot biographies, awards, news, etc. - was accumulated with the help from our community members and we’re very grateful to those who participated in this task.

Another important thing we must tell you is that American, British and German infantrymen models for Bodenplatte project are finished - they will man the guns, drive the vehicles and appear as airfield personnel. And here’s the model of the Royal Air Force pilot for Summer of 1944:



Now let’s talk about other our projects. For Tank Crew, the next update will bring Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G that has autonomous electric turret turn mechanism for instance. And in September we plan to release the two scenario campaigns for Tank Crew - Breaking Point and Last Chance, telling about the fighting near Prokhorovka. Players will be able to participate in the battle from both sides. Today we can show you the title art for these campaigns that were created using in-game tank models and the screenshots of Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G in the sim.





The next update is planned to include two - actually four - new aircraft for Flying Circus - Halberstadt CL.II, Halberstadt CL.IIau, Bristol Fighter F2 Falcon 2, Bristol Fighter F2 Falcon 3. After that, to complete this project we’ll have to release Amiens-Arras-Lille map that will come with improved visual models for ground vehicles. Here are the screenshots of the coming planes:





In addition to the models, we’re working on the important features like more detailed pilot’s physiology effects. Fatigue caused by a high G stress, (in)ability to bail out and other such things. After that, we’ll get to repairing, refueling and refitting the aircraft on the ground.

At the moment we’re moving to a newer FMOD version and our sound designer converts all the sounds to the newer sound engine. The main result of this work should be a fix of the disappearing sounds issue after playing for a while that was caused by having too many of them. We also started the research on making the aircraft and ships visible from several times farther distances. This task is very complex since it involves many various parts of the project - we can’t make it at the cost of a significant performance loss in the graphics and network subsystems.

if they remove the technochat and add the AIR MARSHALL we are there!

Dev blog #227


Dev blog #227

Dear Friends,

After the recent release of the update 3.102 many of you wondered “why there are no new Bodenplatte planes”? There is nothing strange about it: the remaining three player-controllable fighters and AI-controlled bomber are the most complex and difficult to produce objects in the entire history of our team. But the more difficult is the task the more interesting is the result. At the moment we plan to make all these four planes available to you in the next huge update at the end of September that will also bring the important new features we’re working on at the moment. Here’s the rundown on their current statuses:

  • P-51D-15: cockpit texturing and flight model is in development.
  • P-38J-25: cockpit texturing is nearly finished, the flight model is finished, it will go to beta testing soon.
  • Tempest Mk.V ser.2: 3D model is finished, the flight model is nearly finished, it will go to beta testing soon as well.
  • B-25D (Mitchell II): 3D model is finished, we’re working on the last bits of texturing and turret animations, the flight model is in development.

The work on the Rhineland map for Bodenplatte is also progressing well and we’ll show you some of it in one of the coming DDs. We’re working on the new Career timeframe ‘Battle of Rhineland’ in parallel. Now let’s list the features that are at the final stage of development at the moment:

  • Switch to the newer F-MOD API version which we hope will fix the disappearing sounds issue right away or in the near future.
  • An advanced model of pilot physiology that includes complex fatigue modeling that takes into account G-overload fatigue, overload frequency, alternation of positive and negative overloads, wounds, having a G-suit, lack of oxygen and oxygen supply system. The model will also simulate a loss of consciousness and ability to control an aircraft after experiencing too sharp or too severe overloads. The algorithms it is using are based on the research of various institutes. The introduction of this model is likely to change the flow of air combat, especially in multiplayer. However, those who find it too difficult and unfamiliar will be able to switch it off as realism option (it will also be a server setting).
  • Air Marshal mode that is being developed especially for multiplayer will also enter the testing stage soon. When this happens, we’ll dedicate a special DD to it.
  • Improved AI maneuvering in a dogfight. Our new programmer is working on this (the recent formation keeping improvements are his work), but remember there is still a long way to go in this area.
  • Improved visibility distance of planes and ships. The main difficulty in the development of this feature was making the dynamic objects show at great distances without a steady stream of data reporting their position and orientation. Another important thing is to model the lighting of the airplane even at long range - we discarded the idea of having just black dots at these distances, where the visibility of an object is determined by the position of the sun, brightness and hue of the sky, haze, etc. All this is impossible to model having only a black dot. The distant planes flying at high altitudes will have contrails and ships will have visible wakes. It is also important to have more or less equal terms for owners of different monitors. Having completed all these tasks, we’ll increase the maximum visibility distance for planes and ships from 10 to 100 km and the resulting visibility distance will realistically correspond to the lighting and weather conditions.

As you can see, the Bodenplatte project is at the final stage and nearing release. Numerous changes and additions to be seen in the final version are more or less close to being finished. Therefore, the update 3.102 included the content that was ready and a minimal amount of changes - at the final stage nothing should divert the team from the main target. We don’t want our words to sound empty or unfounded, so today we can show you the in-game exterior shots of the P-38J-25 Collector Plane (that is included in Bodenplatte Premium, only version you can get at the moment), the cockpit of the British Tempest Mk.V ser.2 and the new German pilot in Summer 1944 uniform:





WOW! this will be game changer for real! :heart::heart::heart::call_me_hand::love_you_gesture::+1:

Tempest coming soon!!

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Sono aaaaaaaaaaanni che lo aspetto!
Sulla manetta c’erano TRE “tacche”…
In decollo, prima di passare alla tacca successiva, bisognava aspettare di arrivare ad un certa velocità…
( Se su IL 2 i modelli di volo si avvicinassero a quelli dell’aereo vero, ci sarebbe da ridere… )

Detta in 2 parole
Il2 è tanta atmosfera e modelli di volo così così…
DCS il contrario…

Però stan migliorando di continuo entrambi!
Abbiamo cose che 15 aanni fa avremmo ucciso per avere! E ci lamentiamo che vorremmo ancora di più :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy:

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Mi lamento seriamente solo del caldo! :joy:
( Comunque, appena arriva il Tempest, andiamo tutti in line abreast con aerei diversi, a confrontare l’accelerazione )

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about sims getting better


Dev blog #231


Dev blog #231

Hello everybody,

We’re in the second half of September and this means that the next update 3.201 isn’t far away. This one will be massive and will bring a lot of new content as well. Three player controllable aircraft, AI bomber, new AI ground vehicles and of course, the new map - Rheinland. This map tops the records once again: 130 000 square kilometers of reachable terrain (401 x 324 km), 176 000 square kilometers total size (461 x 384 km), 225 cities and towns - a record number of big cities, 70 airfields - 67 of them have historically correct layout recreated using archive documents. For increased detail and historical accuracy, for the first time, we have used 4 airfield types on the same map - with concrete, metal, and unpaved runways and airstrips without runways.



To populate the map with European buildings on such a large scale new ‘construction kit’ of European city blocks was created - this allowed to represent highly populated cities while keeping the general layout of the city where they belong. There are new models for big factories and many unique buildings and we also actively used the bridges ‘construction kit’ which has been developed previously.


Landscape features, especially in the hilly areas - deep river valleys, hills covered by forests and small reclusive towns create a special atmosphere.



Let’s return to the urbanized areas - we’re happy to announce that we were able to create a tech that allows displaying buildings three times farther than before. Rendering at such distances because of the enormous amount of buildings visible at the same time required heavy use of multi-threaded tech to prepare the data. We have made this feature optional for simmers that have a weaker PC. For such a map as Rheinland with many cities and towns, it really improves the perspective and the overall feel. Of course, it is useful for other maps too - for instance, it allows bomber pilots to spot their targets significantly sooner.


And as we announced before, for Bodenplatte we created AI ground vehicles with increased model and texture detail, 13 new types in total.



These news, looks like a too much slow streap tease…

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Returning to Bodenplatte, we’re glad to report that we have found the means of increasing visual quality of Tempest Mk.V even more. Since the end of Summer, our artists worked on the texturing and materials and you can see the result on these screenshots.


The aircraft released in the previous TOWs also gets attention - Battle of Stalingrad owners will see IL-2 mod. 1942 and Bf 109 G-2 skins updated to 4K quality thanks to Martin =ICDP= Catney and Neeraj =BlackHellHound1= Bindraban. But not only visuals are being upgraded for our previous projects - we’re also working on some sound improvements. For instance, DB-601 and BD-605 engine sounds installed on Bf-109s and Bf-110s will become more realistic in 3.201.



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Voci sulla data di uscita del Tempest? :thinking:

Update 3.201

Dear Friends,

The IL-2 development team is glad to report that the new huge update 3.201 is released. It brings you not only the 3 new aircraft and 2 new maps for two projects, but also many improvements in all areas of the sim - graphics, physics, audio, controls, armament, and instruments. You can find the in depth information about some of the new features in our recent Dev Diaries. Please note that this update is the last milestone before the release of two projects at once - Bodenplatte and Flying Circus Vol.1 - which should happen in a month or so. Moreover, this update contains many improvements for Tank Crew as well, paving the way for the release of its two scenario campaigns and tank commander interface.






We advise you to browse through the 3.201 changelist below - in addition to big additions it contains smaller changes which were requested for some time:

New aircraft and other objects

  1. Tempest Mk.V Series 2 fighter is available to all Bodenplatte owners;
  2. P-51D-15 fighter is available to all Bodenplatte owners;
  3. Collectors Plane P-38J-25 is available to all Bodenplatte Premium Edition owners;
  4. The new map Rheinland Summer 1944 (including the Low Countries) is available to all Bodenplatte owners in QMB mode;
  5. The new map Arras Spring 1918 is available to all Flying Circus Vol.1 owners in QMB mode;
  6. B-25D bomber added (not player controllable);
  7. GMC CCKW truck added;
  8. Willys MB off-road vehicle added;
  9. M16 Half-track self-propelled AAA gun added;
  10. Sd Kfz 7 Flakvierling 38 self-propelled AAA gun added;
  11. Flakvierling 38 AAA gun added;
  12. М1A1 90 mm AAA gun added;
  13. US searchlights and landing lights added;
  14. M5 3-inch AT gun added;
  15. M1 155mm howitzer added;
  16. JagdPz IV L70 tank destroyer added;
  17. Infantry and AA .50 MG added;
  18. New types of road and railroad bridges added;
  19. New Western European town and village blocks added;
  20. New industry blocks added;
  21. Many new unique buildings for Rheinland and Arras added;
  22. New countries that participated in WWI and WWII added to the mission logic;

Visual improvements

  1. Aircraft and ships are visible much farther than before - theoretically, they can be spotted as far as 100 km away if there are fire, contrails or a ship wake;
  2. New ‘Distant buildings’ option added;
  3. Object markers can be blocked by landscape and objects, including own aircraft or vehicle;
  4. Static objects rendering has been optimized to increase performance;
  5. Sun glare from distant aircraft is visible better;
  6. Fire can be visible inside the cockpit on single and triple engine planes;
  7. It’s possible to display a customizable photo in all aircraft cockpits and tank cabins;
  8. Collimator sight reticle has been improved for all planes;

Aircraft improvements

  1. DB-601 and DB-605 engine sounds improved for all Bf-109 and Bf-110 planes;
  2. Realistic pilot’s physiology model is now active, which takes into account the duration of the G-load and rate the G-load was applied;
  3. After prolonged exposure to high-G load the load factor tolerance of the crew decreases and they require some time of steady flight to rest and recover;
  4. Oxygen deficit affects the human tolerance to high G-load more accurately;
  5. Visual and audible high-G effects made more realistic;
  6. The sound of the player breathing during a significant positive G load improved, that sound is no longer played during a negative G load;
  7. G-suits increase the load factor tolerance of the crew;
  8. The crew can become motion sick from alternating G loads;
  9. High-G loads, powerful impacts and pain shock can render the crew unconscious resulting in a loss of control;
  10. New ‘Simple physiology’ option added to the difficulty settings disables the load factor tolerance decrease, loss of consciousness and motion sickness;
  11. Damage inflicted to the crew from powerful impacts and falls have been corrected;
  12. The player can’t get painful shock anymore if the invulnerability difficulty option is checked;
  13. The ability of the crew to bail out is now limited by the G-load (including its direction), airspeed and crew health (wounds);
  14. Crew bails out differently depending on the G load direction - down if the load is positive and up if the load is negative;
  15. The movements of the visible model of the flight stick and pedals in the cockpit are no longer filtered so there is less delay between the movement of real flight stick and pedals and the virtual ones. However, the flight stick movement speed is still limited at high flight speeds or if the pilot is wounded;
  16. It is now possible to assign a trim axis if it was controlled by an axis on a real aircraft (control wheel or lever). The speed of the trim axis is still limited and depends on the aircraft, similar to the adjustable stabilizer. If you use joystick buttons or keyboard for controlling such trimmers, please assign these keys not only to electric trimmers but also to this trim axis;
  17. All Pe-2 and Hs-129 have their electric trimmers disabled if the power is turned off. Turning them on and off can be heard and the sound of trim has been replaced with an electric motor sound;
  18. The adjustable stabilizer axis is no longer inverted (its direction is changed according to DirectX standard);
  19. New commands for retraction and extension of the landing gear added;
  20. It’s possible to repair in aircraft when it is near an object with the service parameter set to On in the mission file. Repairs start automatically when the engines shutdown procedure is complete;
  21. It’s possible to refuel in aircraft when it is near an object with the service parameter set to On in the mission file. The refueling process can be started and stopped using the new commands and only possible if the engines are shut down;
  22. It’s possible to rearm in aircraft when it is near an object with the service parameter set to On in the mission file. The rearming process can be started and stopped using the new command and only possible if the engines are shut down;
  23. Spitfire stall behavior with released landing flaps has been corrected;
  24. British and American voiceovers added for Bodenplatte pilots;
  25. 150 Octane fuel is available for Spitfire IXe that enables +25 lbs. With it enabled, switching supercharger gears becomes manual;
  26. La-5FN skins should work on an MP server now, but this change requires reassigning its skins in the missions created earlier;
  27. Bodenplatte pilots got Summer uniform;
  28. Windmilling effect works on U-2VS;
  29. British gyro gunsight G.G.S. Mk.IId (Spitfire Mk.IXe) now accounts for gravitational bullet drop when calculating the deflection;
  30. Spitfire Mk.IXe electric fuel pump won’t continuously switch on and off at low throttle on the ground;
  31. Some instruments and switches sounds corrected on Spitfire Mk.IXe;
  32. Me 262 A behavior at beyond-stall angles of attack corrected;
  33. The physical behavior of I-16 fragments has been corrected;
  34. Smoke clouds after a plane crash in multiplayer disappear correctly;

AI improvements

  1. AI better aims at distant steadily flying targets;
  2. AI better distribute enemy targets among themselves;
  3. If an AI has a speed advantage over a target it is attacking, it tries to keep this advantage;
  4. Combat turns, spirals and banking maneuvers in a dogfight are performed more aggressively;
  5. AI won’t switch maneuvers too frequently, distorting its planned tactics;
  6. Criteria for choosing maneuvers in a dogfight were updated;
  7. AI keeps the formation better;

Tank improvements

  1. Offroad shaking has been made more natural;
  2. All the tanks now use the M4A2 aiming method;
  3. The engine startup sequence is now animated (master switch, excess pressure valve, manual fuel pump, wobble pump, caution signal);
  4. Inner visual effects are not affected by tank movements;
  5. Engine exhaust effect improved;
  6. Driver gauges, turret instruments, MG elements are now animated in multiplayer;
  7. Direction controllability improved;
  8. APHE rounds cause more damage to inner components after the armor penetration;
  9. The visual effect of the turret traverse motor exhaust added to Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. G and M4A2;
  10. KV-1s and Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf. M commanders can fire the signal rockets through a small hatch in the roof when the commander hatch is closed;
  11. The engine startup sound on KV-1s and Т-34-76 UVZ (1943) depends on the starter type used (main electric or reserve pneumatic one);
  12. KV-1s, Т-34-76 UVZ (1943) and M4A2 have functioning klaxon (LAlt+S);
  13. Inner details and texturing improved on KV-1s and Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.H1;
  14. Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. M, Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. G and Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf. H1 bow MGs use the M4A2 aiming method;
  15. There is an alternate DT MG gunner aiming mode on KV-1s - through the periscope (in addition to the regular one through the gunsight);
  16. KV-1s commander and radioman have an alternate aiming mode - through a visor;
  17. M4A2 turret traverse can be powered by the motor-generator;
  18. M4A2 first-person view height corrected for a driver and MG gunner in unbuttoned positions;
  19. Visible (from the driver seat) rotation of the steering drive shaft has been corrected on Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf. G;
  20. Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf. M fuel or oil fire effect has been corrected;
  21. A firing port in the panoramic gunsight armor added on KV-1s;
  22. Air inlets of the engine compartment added on KV-1s;
  23. Slits in the driver visor on KV-1s decreased in the visor open position;

Other improvements

  1. The sound subsystem uses newer FMOD API - sound loss after long play sessions should be fixed;
  2. Runway floodlights work now;
  3. Coalition sorting functionality added to QMB mode;
  4. An automatic chat message in the multiplayer reports if there is no UDP traffic coming from one of the players;
  5. A workaround added for VR HMDs without hardware IPD adjustment - LShift-NumPad+ and LShift-NumpadEnter directly move the images on the VR screen farther or closer.
  6. Radio chatter volume is affected if the player is concussed, lost consciousness or wounded.
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We continue our movement toward the release of Battle of Bodenplatte, but even near the finish line we still find opportunities to improve the entire project. This time we found a way to implement a significant optimization to part of the graphics engine that is responsible for displaying the clouds. In addition to a significant increase in FPS on existing cloud settings, this allowed us to add an additional setting for the cloud quality called “Extreme”. This option is named so because it combines somewhat increased performance with a significant reduction of the “boiling” clouds effect which appears when looking sideways from the direction of movement. We have also significantly increased the clarity of cloud shapes and boundaries. Our clouds always looked nice on the high settings, but with the addition of this new option their visual quality and realism has significantly increased. However, it is better to see an example:



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Another news!!