BoX Keypad settings

I offered myself a treat last Friday by buying the pre-order Battle of Kuban to add to BoS and BoM and to get the Fw190A, as EAF seem to be taking the Battle of xxx series to heart. I particularly wanted the Spitfire that comes with BoK.

So the Steam download worked fine and I now have three red campaign bars when I load up the game. As you may guess I was eager to check out the Fw190, so I took it up for a fly around from an air start and quickly realized that my painstakingly set up key settings weren’t working. So going into settings I only found the default settings and have spent most of yesterday re-doing all my settings. What a bummer, even if it was an occasion to review my old settings and add new ones for multi engined aircraft.

Am about to test, and hope I done loose them all with a future update or add-on.

I can help if you need it. FW is quite simple to set up. Remember that elevator/stabilizer trim is switch controlled by default. I think you can set it to a slider if you want, but I find using a switch on your HOTAS better.
It has automatic prop pitch, so no need to bend that.

I think the main thing with the Fw190 is the trim. As Apollo says everything else is automatic. Main thing to remember with it is that it doesn’t turn well, it pays to keep the speed high, don’t bother with the extra gun packs they just slow you down and make the turning even worse. You can join us for ground attack missions though! :w00t: