BoX COOP Hosting on the EAF dedicated server

Jimmi talked me into try COOP missions using the EAF OTU server.

We did some successful tests yesterday on a rather boring mission.

The server seems simple.

[li]2 or more players join
[/li][li]When everybody have pressed READY, the server will start a countdown before it starts. Countdown will stop if even one disable their READY button
[/li][li]Mission stops automatically when everyone is dead or disabled
[/li][li]Server will rotate missions on the mission-list automatically

I have no idea of how to force the change of mission or make missions like this, but if you have a mission you want to test Ill add it to the list.

Brilliant stuff last night - including the Wacky Races I-16 take-off :wink: (right until the bit where my ISP hiccuped and chucked me out of the server and TS while flying that Bf110)

Thanks for persevering in the testing and getting it to work.

Opens up lots of potential and opportunities - no idea how, but apparently PWCG for SP can also generate coop missions, which might also make for an online campaign.

Well done for testing and as Flash said, maybe it might be easier to create a campaign.

I’ve heard the offline campaign is very good and it would be cool if we could just import one across and change the AI planes to human slots.

Thanks for hosting, Starfire - all worked fine for me (apart from the whole red smoke rather than rounds, but maybe finger trouble on my part).