BOS update 2.003

  1. BoM planes added to BOS campaign (those which saw action there historically):
  • I-16 type 24
  • MiG-3 series 24
  • P-40E-1
  • Bf-109 E-7
  • Bf-110 E-2
  • MC.202 series VIII
  • Ju-88 A-4
  1. BoM planes added to BOS campaign part 2 (those which saw action there historically):
  • P-40E-1
  • Bf-109 E-7
  • Bf-110 E-2
  • MC.202 series VIII
  • Ju-88 A-4
  1. BOS planes added to BoM campaign (those which saw action there historically):
  • Bf-109 F-4
  • He-111 H-6
  1. Players who don’t own BOM yet can login to multiplayer servers hosting the Moscow region map and vice versa.
  2. Smoke generators can be attached to every plane.
  3. New gunfire sounds added.
  4. Added ability to switch to enemy radio frequency (LAlt+C).
  5. FFB effects improved on all planes.
  6. Plane selection dialog in QMB changed.
  7. Ground support missions made more diverse (possible targets are big artillery battery and tanks, small battery and tanks, tanks only, battery only).
  8. Targets in bridge and warehouse bombing missions are easier to identify from other bridges and warehouses).
  9. Alarm sirens added to airfields in QMB and campaign.
  10. AT gun positions added to front line in campaign.
  11. HE damage calculations made more accurate for aircraft and tank crews.
  12. IL-2 armored cockpit now protects from explosion fragments even when opened.
  13. Pneumatic or electric gun re-loaders are used on aircraft equipped with them (backup mechanical reload used when there is no power).
  14. Grass area border made less visible.
  15. ‘Distant grass’ option added that triples its drawing distance (it may come with a severe performance hit).
  16. 122 mm Soviet howitzer М-30 added.

Other changes:
20. An error in automatic bombsight mode that caused He 111 and Ju-88 to drop bombs a bit later that needed has been fixed.
21. ‘Inverted’ canopy opening sound corrected on LaGG-3, La-5 and IL-2.
22. Radiator control buttons corrected on Ju-87, both Pe-2 and MC.202.
23. Cabin camera shake effect corrected, it is influenced by engine RPM.
24. Ju-87 engine RPM won’t ‘stutter’ at maximum throttle.
25. A glitch that caused Pe-2 to move with retracted landing gear removed.
26. FFB effects corrected for MiG-3.
27. Armored pilot seats now protect from explosion fragments in addition to projectiles.
28. P-40 engine assistant corrected (it won’t break the engine at high altitudes).
29. P-40 engine modes corrected.
30. Turret guns won’t glitch in certain positions and angles.
31. F4 camera won’t stutter when using joystick.
32. AI planes in multiplayer will attack human pilots more aggressively.
33. Different flight speed won’t affect FFB gunfire effects power on P-40.
34. Airfield Izocha on Velikie Luki map flattened for easier taxiing.
35. Forest cut around airfields Ilyinskoye, Zenino and Borki on Moscow map.
36. A bug that could cause the game to hang while loading a mission and Alt-Tabbing from it has been fixed.
37. Interface optimized to minimize performance hit when switching mini-map scale.
38. Interface map optimized to display many object symbols without affecting performance.
39. Stutters from loading landscape textures removed.
40. Significant power difference during the twin engine start which could cause an aircraft to turn removed.
41. AI wingmen correctly retract flaps after takeoff.
42. Fw-190 and He-111 pilot head position now is visible in external view.

Thanks Storm, didn’t know they had added/improved force feedback effects, something that gets overlooked nowadays. It really is getting that attention to detail now and I have to give the new campaign ago. Will be interesting to see if they do another map and what it will be as if it’s a decent new theatre, maybe somewhere in North Africa, Malta etc it could be the kick start this sim needs outside of Russia.

Edit - interesting just read this over at the il2 forum

They are working on full VR implementation (ETA a few months) and a new theatre already. The official announcement for that will be this month :slight_smile: