BOS Trouble

After the last two patch my BOS is became unplayable.
The game start without problems, but in random mode it crash. Sometime only the game crashes, sometime all the PC freezes and I have to hard reboot it pushing reset.
My configuration:

MB ASRock Fatal1ty Killer Z97
CPU Intel I7 4790K 4.0 GHz
RAM 8 gb DDR3
VC Palit 970 4 Gb
SSD Samsung 250 Gb
Win 7 Sp1

Any suggestion?

Pherhaps I have to reinstall BOS?

Your sys is better than mine and I don’t have any problems.
I would try a fresh install. Perhaps try running game at lower settings first to see if it’s stable?
I have a i7-2600K and GF GTX560ti

Yesterday evening I install latest nvidia graphic drivers and seem it works fine.
I will check the game now with stress test.

Hope it works fine now

After the last nvidia drivers the game works fine. No other crash of the game/the system