BoS&M updated review

So, I’ve (finally) got things working. I decided that I should write something that now reflects how I find the sim. It’s not all positive, but there are some definite good points - spotting targets for example.

I’d like to do more with the sim with EAF…

I agree the review, I like the FM and the visual effects, not so much the cockpits and the controls, I’d like to assign axis to some controls too.

Hi OD.
You mentioned that you find spotting targets easier than in the other sims. I can’t see S…t!
Perhaps it’s my old graphics card (GeForceGTX 560Ti) at medium settings. If I’m at low altitude I can spot aircraft above the horizon, but when I’m high as I usually am, then it’s extremely difficult for me to see anything.

Do you have any suggestions, besides getting a new Card? I will upgrade the PC soon as I can.


I was on a snow map so that will have helped, but compared to Cliffs I could see aircraft in the sky better. I can lose them in the clear sky in Cliffs, with the same settings. Same with DCS. I’m using a 27" Apple Thunderbolt Display at 2560x1440 with everything cranked up. The sun was low in the east and I was generally looking North. Need to do more testing on a summer map I suppose.

I must admit they have improved it, no longer get the glowing horizon that I was so irritated on in earlier version.
Flying feels ok, icons and tips is a bit annoying, but probably possible to turn off.

Did a ground attack mission in the IL-2 first, felt good to fly the old war horse again, shot down a 109 in it and destroyed some ground objects. Was maybe a bit too easy to get ground kills, but I’m not going to complain about it this time. :tongue2:

Then did a little 1 on 1 in the Lagg vs 109’s. With the 109 at easiest level it was, easy. :laugh: One step up, and it was a bit more to chew on (109F-4’s), can’t say I totally dominated by then. :slight_smile:

Still can’t say I prefer it over either CoD or DCS, but had it not been for those two, I would probably have been ok with it. As it is, I might fly it now and then, but it will not be my main focus.