BoS is available for download

Login to your account and download the installer.

Downloading now…

and best is, you can already play, because its tuesday in moscow :wink:

It says “your connection to the master server is temporarily lost check your internet connection”

Hmmm had this with Rise of Flight in the early days not a good start

I grabbed it today Phil.

it took 25 mins to download the Launcher.exe then 2 hrs to download and install the game.

Give it another go, you may have got a bad hook up.

Good luck.


Thanks I’ll keep trying.

Ahhh Ive only got the standard edition that’s why its only early for fancy pants premium users.

now am I stupid for thinking Id have early access too or am I stupid for admitting the mistake publicly ?

Yours damn good photographer Phil… but… ummm… I’m not sure that… er… answers all of your questions:p:D