BOS good feelings

Politically i don’t like they dropped the support on Cliff of Dover but today couldn’t stop flying the beta of BOS…
I love finally we have more good titles to add to the still old wonderful IL-2…

Today i tried both BOS and CLOD in sequence and i love both, they are similar and different… (note never flew ROF)
Clod better graphics more photo realistic, but with more flickering…
CLod with shaking dials, Bos with wonderful wind sound at slow speed… a touch here a touch there…

to understand better BOS
i would suggest this grat video that explains very well some parts of the game (damage model in depth) and also some good 1on1 tactics
i like very much the way he flies


PS if you have early access try the crosswind landing! It’s very challenging never had in any sim such difficulties in landing…
i use to make a left circuit on landing but with crosswind form the left it kept pushing me well of the strip… (aborted twice…)
at the end i got it and made a right circuit :wink:
still lot of rudder and side slipping… but landed safe :wink:
PS2 also the night transfer is worth a ride…
PS3 we are too used to “transparent” trees of Il2 and Clod, but you’ll learn the hard way as i did…

Thanks Jimmi, you’ve convinced me to defect…lol. Those poor Lagg pilots didn’t stand a chance, but it’ll be better against bombers and tanks and hopefully have plenty of friends.

Really nice vid and hopefully I’ll get a chance later today to have a try at some those scenarios…in the 109. Good BnZ tactics.

Hope the Yak1 and La5 are better :wink:


well with alt advantage i don’t have problems killing a 109 ai…

we will need great teamwork fighting in the lagg to lower 109 advantage… (It won’t be easy tough…)

You have to be abit lucky in the LaGG when thinking of MP. Better position, better pilot, outnumbering the enemy can do it :wink:
The Yak1 will be more interesting in dogfight with 109F + the early G model.

We mustn’t forget the Fw190, it should a lot better than the 109 :eek:

Lest thy forget the Yak1 at thy own peril Kommandant Schwoop :smiley:

YAK 1 for the win! :smiley: