BOBII Patch!

Due to be released at 17:00 hrs today 20th Sept, 1940 - er I mean 2005!

I can reliably inform you that it`ll cure most if not ALL CTDs. :slight_smile: Plus a few extra bits.

edit: Actually, that may be more about midnight, since, apparently, it`s an Americaner release… :confused:

Insider info Peace? Did they get you to betatest it for them?

If so did it solve all your probs?


Mates, I can’t play BOB II because i can’t use the hat switch of my MS FF2 joy.

How do I do to see right and left, up and down of cockpit?

Hi IlPesca, I have the same joy. Just now I tried it and it works for me. I did not change anything in config.

Great news…I’ve more or less sorted my instalation out now and have very few CTD’s…but it will be good to get a rock solid performance…hopefully!

Regards…Dave S.:wink:

Mates, I can’t play BOB II because i can’t use the hat switch of my MS FF2 joy.

It is supposed to configure itself for your joystick, but it’s one of the many things it screws up. It put my X52 throttle on a slider switch.

Go to Options>Controls and change from Express to Custom. A list of all the controls will appear. Select the view, move your hat switch and it will change the setting.

I guess I’ll probably patch the thing tonight if I get bored, but not with any enthusiasm. Underneath all those bugs is hiding a very mediocre game. Once the challenge of getting it to run has been overcome I suspect the enjoyment value is pretty near zero.

Mine never started properly, always came back with the english text CTD error before I even got into the game :slight_smile:

It’s been junked since then.

Since none of you seem to like BoB2, would anyone be interested in trading their copy with me? :slight_smile:
I can’t find it in Belgian shops.

Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

I was going to say that nothing had changed post patch but that wouldn’t be entirely correct. I now get a brief error message with regard to a missing texture before CTD during the Instant Action Bomber Intercept mission. FPS remain the same at around 19.

Oh nearly forgot… I now have to restart my system as everything has been closed down on my pc and it is behaving strangely. :frowning:

Force Feedback now works. :w00t:

Well, this was supposed to be an information thread, not a BOBII bashing-get-my-rant-off-my-chest thread.

But while were at it, Ill just get back to the point and I have found BOBII Patch to be a definite improvement. But not perfect. Out of 24 long missions I`ve had 3 CTDs and 1 freezes in mid-battle. Now some of you will use this to instantly bash BOBII and others may see this as positive.

Whatever, Im afraid it does not completely cure the CTDs and Im beginning to wonder whether Shockwave really took upon an engine that`s too old and was meant for another time…

It does seem that the User might need to run the enditall utility every time you run a game, but even with this I had one crash.

Of course when it runs, it`s wonderful, diving in and out of thick cloud with multiple bombers and jerrys everywhere. Remember, I had 4 crashes out of 24 and I was pushing it with very high settings (clouds on high, high density, etc…).

Anyway, Im not here to convince anyone of anything as I dont care and if I see an increase in CTDs Ill probably drop this. Well see how it goes.

Thanks a lot Peacemaker :slight_smile:

@ Johan (mail mij je adres, ik zal kijken wat ik kan doen voor je :))

Today I downloaded and tested BOBII patch 2.02. And I must say that game looks much much better with it. During two hours of my flying I did not have any problem with it and also combats looks very interesting. Without it I was not able to fly at all. And when I reconfigured controls to my IL-2 style it is very flyable as for me.

Nice one! :slight_smile:

Crashes have stopped presumeably because the missing textures have been inserted and fps are now rock solid and smooth at 25 for me.

Even managed to have a great dogfight with an AI 109 at low level.

It’s no IL2 beater but it is a working flightsim that feels like flying unlike CFS3.
Thought there might be a game in there somewhere so I’m glad I kept my copy now.

Major problem now as far as I can see is the during a dogfight the other planes look far away i.e too small to appreciate them and lacking therefore in detail.

The game is now in the state it should’ve been in at release. I reckon the rushed release and the subsequent backlash will now have cost bigtime in terms of lost sales.

I love the Sound on the BOBII…, especial on the Spit flyby. “Its not a IL2 beater…” True…, but In my opinion we have a better sim on the plane beahvior as well the sound. Graphics are crap compared with IL2…, dont know why the guys didnt choose the lockon terrain…

I had problems to setup the rudders on my mouse…, do you know if there’s any way to do that?


Like most I got so pissed off with all the CTD that I gave up. I’ve tried a couple of DFs with the latest patch and it does seem much smoother, thanks. I use the close-it-all type batch file in the first patch before flying IL2 just to save some more memory.

With it hopefully stable I’ve always fancied having a bash at the more challenging full engine management.

I actually like the graphics up high and over the airfields. :slight_smile: I especially enjoy the landings which have a totally different feel for me and with my limited real flying in a Cessna at Biggin, a more realistic and harder affair compared to Il2. She just feels heavier on finals with everything out and like other real Spit pilots have said, she drops like a stone, making me come in higher or with more speed. Adding in manual trimming and prop pitch to the mix next :slight_smile:

Haven’t really worked out how to use the campaign yet, just clicking on and flying some of the plots it’s created, but hoped for something that would just send me on my way. Is this possible do you know?

You wrote it exactly Swoop. I have the same feelings about it. And that’s why I like it.
Did anybody try to fly it on-line ?

Jirka: There is no online capabilty with BoB2. The original multiplay code was very flaky apparently so the decision to abandon any online play was taken early on in the development of BoB2.

Swoop: The campaign system is the best part of BoB2 imo. Although no proper single pilot campaign exists, there is a way to set it up so that you can only fly when a particular Sqn flys, in essence simulating being a pilot on that Sqn only for the campaign. I’ve got a PDF on how to do this so let me know if you want it and I’ll mail you.


Really there is not online mode !? I browsed the game menu very superficially only. It is a pity. :frowning:

Yes please Whiskey, with no online pilots the campaign has to be the main stay of the sim, so any tips on getting into it would be welcome, cheers mate. One on one the AI isn’t to tough, but with five on you it gets interesting, specially with no ammo, the buggers wouldn’t leave me alone either :slight_smile:

I’m still finding it more of a challenge taking off and landing right now, I just love the sound increase when I slide the hood back while in the circuit. 6dof great aswell :slight_smile: