Well i have started looking at the Screenies and videos that have come with 1946 and have to say boy are we going to get a hell of a game when BoB comes out.

Seeing the type of vehicles and ground objects he has modelled and the level of detail down to opening hatches, clearly this engine will not simply be a flight sim I guess he will also use it for maybe a rts game as well.

Finally i want one of those cockpits featured.

Playing flight sims as regularly as we do we can lose perspective on what we have and what we are going to have.
When relatives visit me they nearly always comment on how big me two boys are getting. I on the otherhand, do not notice their growth on a day to day basis. It is only when looking at photogrsphs of them when they were younger that I notice the change.
I remember playing the first Red Baron game released on five floopy discs. It looked fantastic to me, I played it for hours on end, well into the early hours on more than one occasion. Looking back I remember great sounds and rich ground textures. I looked at that game again recently and was shocked to see how basic it really was. None of the richness I seemed to remember, 16 colours max and midi sound. My imagination must of kicked in big time when playing it because the reality is if I played it now I would last minutes before turning it off.
I wonder, in a few more years, when BoB is coming to the end of it’s life and all the addons have been applied to it and Oleg has some new game engine on the burner, will we look back at IL2 and remember how immersive it is only to load it up and think “what a prehistoric monster!!!”