Wow :eek:

Look at all these free games I got with my Pe2 add-on !!! Think I’ll have a quick game of Atout Pique Sur Internet, that sounds like fun :banana:


Piquet is actually a pretty interesting cardgame :slight_smile:


Why oh why do the necessarily have to use such crap, really makes me reconsider getting it at all… :mad:

Damn, I want to download, pay for code/licence, type it in and be done with it. I certainly don’t want anything else.

It’s on the silly download program you must install to download the game. Just uninstall the thing when it’s finished downloading the addon.

To clean your pc from this Boonty-“Spy”-software, whcih is searching your pc and running in backround…
You have to deinstall it, clean registry and use old Il2FB.exe !
Not the new one, the new one is about 1.3Mb and always starts this boonty-software with Il2. Just do a backup of your il3fb.exe before installing Pe2 and put it back into mainfolder after AddOn is installed.

EDIT: Or look at this Thread over at SimHQ :wink:;f=144;t=004614

Maybe You already have seen it…


I hadn’t seen that :eek:
but we knew from ORR that there are bugs to be fixed in the next pay add-on

If you haven’t installed already (I have) - this thread may help:

Paf’s link work, also show how worthless Bloatbox is for actually protecting the software. :rolleyes:

My PC is now Bloatbox free, I have the update saved both on the computer and on CD, and I will not have to deal with the crap until next release is out, and hopefully they find a less annoying way to sell distribute it until then.