Big Problems

Something has gone pop in my pc setup:mad: :frowning: :mad:
Wasnt using it i just sat at my chair and heard a pop behind the desk.
Its not the speaker setup as im using headphones and the speakers are unpluged.
The USB mike works:)
TIR not switched on:)
Joystick still works + its IR sensor in the USB port.:slight_smile:
Keyboard works (obviously):slight_smile:
Graffix card works (just run il2):slight_smile:
Both CD drives work:)

My mouse dosnt work, im using a usb mouse in my TIR USB connection:confused: :confused: .


Cooling fan?


Fans are working, both the GFX one and the CPU one:confused:

there’s also one in the psu

It has only two fans inside, the gfx and the cpu ive checked. still no mouse:mad:

It may not help anyone appart from our european cousins but my pc is made by SCHNEIDER and the motherboard is a VIA P4MA PRO-A