BF2 servers and things

Excellent news is that The All-Seeing-Eye now works fine and thousands of busy servers again but you need to edit the shortcut and add your PlayerName and PlayerPassword in there to get into a server directly from ASE, here’s info on that-

Then you can join from ASE with just a few seconds delay - no logging in now :slight_smile:

Here’s an interesting game-monitoring site with an example.

I played with some Norwegian guys in Special Forces on really good maps and no lag. The [SOAP] guys when I joined their small squad used VOIP comms and were friendly and tactically sound :slight_smile:

On that monitoring site you can get the HTML code for BBs but I’m not sure how it works, maybe you can simply click on the image-link to get into the server so I’ll post the code and check back, I’m not allowed to go there while at work probably :slight_smile:

I’ll add any servers I find where teamwork is looking good, those SOAP guys swap sides to maintain balance and to have good firefights. Five of us climbing up a rope in stealthy-mode was fun. SOAP on a rope :slight_smile:

I’m thinking [SOAP]Bubbles here. That big bird from Little Britain in full kit :slight_smile: