Best Action Movie - EVER!

:eek: !

This has got to be the best ‘Action’ Movie yet, made with PF!!!

It has awesome effects and fits perfectly with the soundtrack (if you can handle Puff Daddy with some Led Zeppelin)

Made by an apparantly unknown in the IL2 movie world, RC_Kedik.

Get the file HERE or if it is down (as it has been due to the huge demand), venture over to UBI for other links, it will be worth it, HERE

Hmmm… I’ve got a 48meg avi file with one song and no piccies. Even worse, there is no Led Zep on it. I like Led Zep :cool:

Can you check that first link Joe? The file I got was

You probably need the divx codec, PG

The thinking man’s codec, none of this M$ rubbish :wink:

DivX - that’ll be it. Thanks Joe. :slight_smile: Fantastic piece of work, very polished. I hope this guy carries on in this field. I would be interested to see a list of the technology used to capture and process the images, and what sort of platform it runs on.

Just slipping into Grumpy Old Man mode for a moment (something that happens more and more frquently) - if DivX is so good, they should allow people to download it without having a piece of crap such as Google toolbar installed on their computer. Doesn’t bother me too much because my machine is defended against pretty much every piece of spyware, adware, malware and general sh*tware there is. But dealing with serious companies, I don’t expect to be wasting my valuable time deleting unwanted BHOs after an install. All they are doing is associating themselves and their reputation with other dodgy products like Real Player.

ahh, yes, maybe i shoulda warned about the ‘add-ons’. You can, of course, choose not to install them, but as usual, the install process makes this not so obvious.

Anyway, thats OT, and I am still awestruck by this guy’s movie :slight_smile:

Excellent - worth hunting down

So, Joe… do you know the tech spec on it? Or can you take a guess? Sure wasn’t recorded on 640x480, I can see that. And the camera tracking… he either has a very steady hand, or that is a bot controlling the track angle.

Kedik has been rather quiet so far, just one short post over at UBI. And his squads site is down atm - I wonder if he (she?) realises the stir this movie has made.

Needless to say, a lot of people want his secrets.

As far I can see, there are no great secret techniques used, just used existing techniques a helluva well. The one that has flumoxed me is the approach to the islands, the fly over, and the tracking of two different locations.

The panning is mostly done by filming from another plane in no-cockpit view, but some other smooth pans in there, possibly a mouse emulator. There is another uber panning trick that I have been told about, but if I tell you I will have to kill you :wink:

His kit? No idea, yet, but wouldn’t have to be any more powerful than a good machine with latest specs. Certainly Recorded at 800x600 and cropped to 720*408 then compressed with DivX, probably 2 or 3 passes in multipass mode (that is the beauty of DivX, apart from spyware). There are no in game sounds, so he could have recorded at quarter speed if he had to get more smoothness and speed it up later. He does use a fairly high audio sampling - 44kHz with MPEG3, but I suspect the music quality was very important in this case.

This is a lesson, I reckon, in cinematography as well as technical skills. This dood has done this kind of thing before!

Step forward Joe I’m appointing you Head of our Photographic Reconaissance Unit and you’ve already got the lenses by the look of you

Get out there and find out how he does it and let’s get our squadron skins ready. I smell a Project in the offing :slight_smile:

Planes, scenario: you fill in the blanks Joe please but Spitfires are always good defending Southampton from Heinkels. Finnish Heinkels in this case :slight_smile:

S/L Ming
Adjutant’s Office
Where’s me shirt
Hold up you nearly had me over woman

lol, yer, Ming.

Just need a few more weeks to finish ‘Operation Big Ben’. Then I will be looking for some inspiration.

Something else different, I had an inkling to do the IAF Spitfire v EAF Spitfire incident, but a Finnish episode with those old wrecks might be good - must be historical, of course :slight_smile:

Go for it Joe, I’ve really enjoyed your previous vids, you’ve got a knack for it :slight_smile:

If you like DivX but want to avoid the sh*t, I reproduce this from
which you (and others) may find useful

"DivX 5 Pro

The GAIN (Gator Advertising Information Network) ad-engine that comes with DivX 5 is an infamous piece of scumware. It hijacks the webpages in your browser, inserting its own ads as if they were put there by the webmaster. Gator has, in fact, been in court over its practices. They were sued in late June of 2002, and the judge quickly ruled agaisnt them. Since then, Gator and similar companies have been sued numerous times. In September, however, an American court ruled that “their technology violates no law”. “Ultimately,” wrote judge Gerald Bruce Lee, “it is the computer user who controls the windows displayed on the computer desktop.” Some time aftwards, Gator succesfully sued PC Pitstop for referring to Gator’s software as spyware.

When you finish installing DivX, it will immediatly start a program called “gain trickler,” which slowly downloads GAIN onto your hard drive. It will also put the trickler on your start list, so that it executes each time you reboot. Deal with that (you can use msconfig to edit your start list). Then run Ad-Aware and remove every trace of GAIN except for the

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\clsid{21ffb6c0-0da1-11d5-a9d5-00500413153c}\registry key. DivX 5 will still work. Doom9 has a great article on this.

(Of course, paying for Divx 5 will also get you a spyware-free version.) Also, be aware that the for-profit version of the DivX 5 codec, whether paid for by ads or by direct payment, offers no advantages for people who only want to watch movies. All you need to watch Divx-encoded video is the basic version, which does not come with spyware. Or choose the better option: install the ffdshow DirectShow filter (the latest version, regardless of whether or not its “alpha”) and then watch video using the media player of your choice". [my highlighting - PeeGee. ffdshow alpha seems to work fine here]

Added by Edit:
Link for download of ffdshow

PeeGee: Good info. It is too bad DivX went from an opensource project, to a commercial one. Another option is Xvid. Unfortunately, DivX seems to be the standard more recognised and easy to understand on the whole. Certainly as the direct alternative to Microsoft’s wmv codecs! So I will have to stick with that to keep it simple for movie viewers, though I will from now on, issue the spyware warning.

Ming and readers interesterd in the producer: I got this from UBI forums HERE but to save some of you the trauma of visiting UBI, here ya go:

posted Sat March 12 2005 08:03
Hi colleagues,

Just found this thread. I didn’t know about this section for movie makers.

Many thanks for your comments! Now I see that this movie wasn’t a waste of time

Litle bit later I can share some of triks I used in the movie. Not right now since write in English takes some time for me and it is limited resource for me now - I am 31 years old and have my regular job, family, kids, bla-bla-bla…

You may beleave or not, but I am not a pro. This video is first one ever produced by me. I got the idea ~4 monthes ago (it is separate story how I get it). takes 2 monthes for me to get familiar with tools&toys and research “how to”. Some of “how to” found by a fluke , because I didn’t know correct way to use tools.
Then, in begining of Jan, I finally get my copy of PF and I started with movie actually. I spent from 30 min to 3 hours per day for it, but think that even I would work full time (8-12 hours) - wouldn’t finish it faster…

Another reason:
wouldn’t like to tell you about tools that I used because I belive most of them can do this things, migth be you will find better ways to do same (or even more great) effects.


PS. Remember: even most difficult questions always have very simple answer.

Thanks Joe