Beer and Whiskey! Promotions at 602

Promoted to Flying Officer: Flashheart and Alan - well done guys.

Line them up chaps :slight_smile:

Proficiat gentleman well deserved :slight_smile:

Bravo!! Congratulations!!!:ani_beer::ani_beer:

Congrats mates! Well deserved!:):w00t:

congrats mates

Congrats lads, thorougly deserved.

You’ve both been great additions to 602 as well as EAF and contributed greatly since ye both got your wings well over a year ago!

Uh-oh…what an honour!

Ideal company to share a promotion with…Glenfiddich anyone?? :smiley:


Hurry up, chaps…I’ve brought some “Risotto with squids” from 51’s mess!


Well done lads, looking forward to flying with you again soon.

Bravi!!! :smiley:

Congrats, M8’s…BEN FATTO!!!(WELL DONE)

Congratulations Alan and Flash

I am really pleased for you both :smiley:


Well done mates…! :smiley:

congratulations, well done!

congratulations, well done!

Congratulations Alan & Flashheart! :ani_beer:

Well done lads. S!


Grattis! :slight_smile:

A big S! to you both. :ani_beer:

Congrats to your both! Well deserved!:banana:

Well done…and happy hunting our slow and lo’ 6’s of the P/O’s…:smiley:

Well done m8s! S!