Battle for Malta MEGAPACK coming for TF Mod 4.01

Posted by Henkill -

As you’ve read, mod v 4.01 is just around the corner and I have been using the waiting time gainfully!

Rather than just release a single mission pack of 30 missions, I will also be releasing REDUX style versions of two fully fledged Malta campaigns to go with it!

An RAF campaign based on the RAF Hal Far flight and its successors, between 1940 and 1941. Start your campaign as one of the first Hurricanes to fly onto the island, and finish it as one of the first Spitfires to fight from Malta. Being REDUX campaigns, you get in flight kill counts, and progressive kill score as your campaign proceeds.

But wait! That’s not all. Axis aircraft fans can fly the G.50 from June 1940 in a full REDUX style campaign, moving to the Bf109E4/n in January 1941 when Fliegerkorps X arrives over Malta.

And don’t forget the single mission pack that started it all. These 30 missions are historically based, featuring individual briefings, sorties and targets for every flyable aircraft in the mission

Uses the existing CoD channel map (TF Mod Autumn) to stand in for Malta and the Med. Totally populated island of Malta with 3 airfields created (Hal Far, Luqa, Takali), two in ‘Sicily’ (Trapani, Catania), Taranto port and airfield in ‘Italy’, plus Alexandria port and two airfields in ‘Egypt’, and Tripoli port and airfield in ‘Libya’. All AAA emplacements on Malta placed according to historical records of available barrels during the period, AAA intensity increases as the campaign progresses.

Also includes Med Skins by V@S’OK and Major Setback.

Two campaigns and a full mission pack, all the for the price of none! You get the 30 mission Single Mission pack, PLUS an RAF Malta REDUX campaign, AND a Luftwaffe Malta REDUX campaign!

Available soon after TF 4.01 is released.



Looks fun and I wonder if we can fly any of these online, coop style?

Nice find Skipper.

I might get to see some sunshine over Bognor at last :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been around a while now.

I’m not convinced the Isle of Wight is quite right though.

I read that they are working on a new map for this and will wait for that before I think about med flying.

Hopefully the new map in TF 5 release (in 6 months maybe??) will be Malta but in the meantime I’ll give this a go, especially with the new 4.01 patch promise of a rework of the AI.