Basic Skinning Question

Hello Mates!
Today I was trying to begin with my first skin.
I wanted to do a fictional “O.T.U.” Hurrican.
Now i tried to have look at my unfinished plane in Il2. I saved it and loaded itinto the skinfolder.
The problem now is: from far away it looks quit good i think but from the nearest view you can see evry single pixel. How do I have to convert that the quality won’t go down?

here are the pics:

those both pics looks good IMO

… but here you can see the problem!

This the really beginning of the skin and there is alot to do :wink:


The pixellation is caused by the approximation of the colours in 8 bits. You will have done the skin in 16Million colours, but the game only supports 8 bit colours. (256 colours)

Depending on how you got the skin to 8 bits and the paint program you are using, you might want to try using Bright to do the conversion.

If you are a Photoshop user, you can download the “bright” plugin here, otherwise go Bright or Bright and Brighter (Tool) and download the tool to do the conversion for you.

I’ve not used the “Brighter” tool only the Bright tool and the plugin, but this looks like it might make it easier to use.

If you are still unsure, email me the unconverted skin file and I’ll run it through Bright for you.

Thanks Keets!
I will try it tommorrow. Another thing happens with the converting ive done, is that the yellow became a neon-touch. Maybe the Tool will hold the original-colours.



EDIT: I had to try it now! :wink: t works wonders, BIG THANKS Keets :slight_smile:

I use “Brighter”, but it’s basically just a windows GUI for the command line “Bright” program. It works fine, but don’t be fooled by the Windows front end - you can only use 8 character “DOS legal” file names or it will get unhappy.

Another thing - work with a 16 million colour file in your graphics program, and use “save copy as” to make a .bmp that you can convert to 256 colour and check in QMB. I find that if I keep changing my actual working copy from 16 million to 256 and back it can gradually corrupt and pixellate, so keep it quite separate.

I use the bright plugin for photoshop 7, and it does a very good job of retaining colour shades etc :slight_smile:

I changed the camouflage to a fictional blue-grey which i like :rolleyes:
There are alot of little things on a skin which I just have to find out by doing…
but thats fun!:smiley:
I can’t find any information about the look of Training Units. If somebody has some i would really love to try painting an historic scheme.

What do you think about the colours? Is the yellow too bright?
should be the whole tail yellow?



I can’t find any information about the look of Training Units.

I think typically OTU aircraft were standard RAF colourscheme’s for frontline aicraft. Theythey were operational… so could be called into action.

Different schemes I have seen on specific training aircraft (Tiger Moth, Miles Magister, Avro Anson) are based upon a yellow underside with a temperate land camo scheme on the upper surfaces. (similar to your Hurri above)

There are some exceptions which I’ve got some colour plates for in a book, which were painted entirely yellow with three black diagonal stripes running along the fuselage and wings. Not suprisingly this is a target tug. :slight_smile:

Jirka found this one at the web:

maybe i base it on one of these.