Bah Humbug :(

So, the stupid amounts of work I’ve been doing is nearly done, '46 is on order, X36 is broken and now the X52Pro isn’t out till the end of January :frowning:

No flying for me till then unless operation ‘Set House on Fire with Soldering Iron’ is successfull… :slight_smile:

I miss flying :frowning:

Nice to hear from you again, hope you get back soon as you may of read we have lost 2 pilots

Hi Dano no worries mate we’ll still be here when Santa’s resting up. And Mikke’s eating his reindeer probably, it’s the red exhaust glow from Rudolph’s nose. Dead giveaway. Sorry mate we’ve been flying night missions :slight_smile:

Speaking of the missing Dan what happened to you and JR last night are you in tornado territory


From what I’ve read the X52pro isn’t being as well recieved as the X52 was.
You may be better off going with a standard X52 rather than waiting for the pro version.

We are allways here for wait ours Brothers!:w00t:

I didn’t even think the thing was out anywhere yet, can you link me to some of the articles/reviews/information you’ve read please?


MysticPuma mentions it at the top of his thread on meeting Oleg at the Birmingham flight sim event;f=144;t=007123#000025

The new Saitek X-52 Pro was on display, and TBH, it was very disappointing. As an owner of the X-52, I looked at it and it looks like a step backwards, and the feel is virtually identical to the X-52, so absolutely no reason to upgrade.

I also read elsewhere (cant remember where) that it is not that much of an upgrade on the standard x52, but quite a lot more to buy. I’ve seen it on dabs for around £110, out in a about a week. A lot of reviews just repeat the saitek blurb, not seen any real reviews yet just a couple of comments along the lines of “saw it, wasn’t impressed” type stuff.

Not hurricane teritory but close, bloody strong winds for the past few days.
Didnt fly lastnight as it was getting on by the time you started again. But i shall leave that discussion for closed doors

Ahh, sounds like bitterness and conjecture to me, I’ll wait ta, not willing to base my desision off the back of somebodies 5 minute play at a show :slight_smile:

Hopefully there be some US people reviewing it properly before I get mine :slight_smile: