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Hello people. After long time I’ll be around today so if someone is interested in RoF please join me.

Hey Jo!

Good see you back on the forum. I spotted you on one of the ROF multiplayer servers the other day.

I have some things to deal with this morning, but I’ll pop on TS later (say 11.30 GMT approx)and see if you’re there.


OH yes, I hope I’ll be around. I have free day.

I’m going to be on Rise of Flight from now until 16:00GMT, please join me for some flight :slight_smile:

Was out and did not see message mate, try PM next time, it sends e-mail that I can see on smart phone…

Cyclops nevermind, today was more hectic than I expected so I wasn’t in the virtual air for long time and now I’m going to work for night shift. But tomorrow I’ll be around for sure and Baz should be too. I’ll send you message as soon I get here…